How To Fix Bluetooth Headphone Charging Issues

There are some common problems that may occur during the process of charging your Bluetooth headphones. Find out how to fix them!

Charging Bluetooth headphones with red cable

Let’s face it, there is nothing more irritating than wanting to listen to music or answer a call, only to realize that your Bluetooth headphones won’t charge or turn on. Most of us have been there, been frustrated, and certainly dreaded the thought of spending money on a new pair of wireless headphones. However, there is no need to give up quite yet. We have the best tips to help save the life of your wireless headphones.

The two reasons why your Bluetooth headphones are most likely not turning on or charging is because either the charging cable is damaged or the USB port is not positioned correctly. If you believe the charging cable is faulty, try exchanging it for a different cable. If the USB port is the problem, make sure that both ends are plugged in securely.

Key USB Charging Issues

Make Sure The Charging Cable Is Working Correctly

It can become a habit to throw your cable into your bag or forcefully pull and twist the cord without thinking twice. Because the charging cable sees a lot of use, it can easily become damaged or stop working from normal wear and tear.

Luckily, if this is the issue stopping your wireless headphones from charging, it can be fixed simply by swapping out the cable with a new one. Keep in mind that sometimes if you are using a certain Bluetooth headphone brand, you may have to use their brand-specific charging cable.

There Could Be Problems With The USB Port

If a new cable does not work, the problem is most likely with the USB port. You should make sure that the USB is properly plugged in and secure to the charging case and the outlet.

If this does not help, the problem could be the port you are using could be broken. Plugging your USB port into a computer is a good way to check if it is faulty or not. Just remember to make sure your computer or laptop is charged and turned on.

If this does not correct the issue with why your Bluetooth headphones won’t charge or turn on, there are a few other common issues that could be the root of the problem.

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USB charging cable

Battery Checks

The Bluetooth Battery May Be Damaged

The first time you charge your Bluetooth battery headphones, you should allow them to charge for eight hours. Allow the battery to die completely before recharging them again. The first charge is important for ensuring your wireless headphones will have healthy battery life for as long as possible.

Believe it or not, not charging your headphones frequently can cause damage. Not using or not charging your headphones for long periods of time can permanently kill your battery. A general rule of thumb is if the charging light does not come on, the battery is dead.

If you are not willing to give up on your Bluetooth headphones just yet, leave them plugged in and charging for a while. There is a chance that they may begin to charge again. It typically takes about four hours for the battery to charge all the way.

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How Do I Keep My Battery from Dying So Quickly?

Charging your headphones until they are 100% charged each time enhances the life of your battery. If you only allow your wireless headphones to charge a small percentage each time, they will not keep a charge as long. Then, eventually, they will not hold a charge at all.

On the other hand, leaving your battery charging after it has reached 100% is bad for your battery’s life. Remember to disconnect your Bluetooth headphones when you notice they are fully charged.

Fluctuating temperatures are also known to damage your Bluetooth battery. If it is too hot or too cold, these extreme temperatures can ruin the electrical portion. To avoid this issue, never leave them in direct sunlight, and try to always keep your Bluetooth headphones in a mild climate.

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How Long Do Wireless Headphone Batteries Typically Last?

Generally, the lifespan of your Bluetooth battery will last up to 500 charges, max. After 500 charges, your battery will begin to deplete and slowly die. It is important to let your battery completely lose juice before charging it again to its full capacity.

If your battery is the issue and has died, you can buy a replacement instead of replacing the wireless headphones completely.

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How Do I Properly Clean The Charging Port To My Bluetooth Headphones?

Keeping your wireless headphones and their case clean is important for the integrity of the product. Headphones endure a lot of wear and tear and are often exposed to dirt, oils, and debris. There are a few simple steps to take to keep your headphones clean and working properly.

First, it is essential to ensure that when cleaning any part of your wireless headphones, they are powered off. You should never use a metal object when cleaning the contact points. This can cause more damage if you accidentally push or move something electrical.

Instead, take a cotton swab and use isopropyl alcohol to clean the headphones. Be sure that the alcohol has dried completely before turning the headphones back on. For the power button, using compressed air (in a can) is the most effective in removing any debris that could be stuck.

Charging AirPod Pros on wireless charger

It Could Be A Software Issue

Check To See If Your Bluetooth Headphones Need A Software Update

Sometimes if your Bluetooth headphones won’t charge or turn on, the issue can be because they require a firmware update. Simply updating the software of your headphones, it can fix any battery issues you may be experiencing.

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Make Sure Your Bluetooth Headphones Are Not in Programming Mode

One possibility to why your wireless headphones are not working could be because you accidentally placed them in programming mode. If this happens, you will not be able to use your headphones. Fixing this issue is simple but does require a few steps.

In order to reset your Bluetooth headphones to a different mode in which you can use them, you first have to plug them into a computer and wait for the headphones to be acknowledged. Once the computer recognizes them, they are no longer in programming mode. The final step is to re-pair the wireless headphones.

Perform A Hard Reset Your Wireless Headphones

Hard resetting your Bluetooth headphones will eliminate any software issues that may have occurred during an update. A hard reset can also help fix any issues with battery charging.

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Red reset button

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I Have Apple AirPods. Are There Any Special Instructions On How To Fix The Charging Issues?

Apple products tend to work better when they are used with other Apple products. If you own AirPods, make sure to use an Apple charger. Different charging cables may not charge them properly (or at all) and can potentially damage the battery.

Pair the AirPods with your phone. This enables you to easily monitor if the headphones are actually charging. If you find they are not charging, try unpairing and then repairing them with your phone.

2. I Own Beats Headphones. What Can I Do To Fix Their Charging Problems?

Resetting your Beats headphones will typically fix any charging problems you may be experiencing. It is an easy process and does not take a long time to do.

Simply hold the power button down for ten seconds. After ten seconds, the LED should be blinking white, followed by one blinking red light. Once you see the red light, the rest is complete, and your charging issue should be resolved.

3. My Bose Bluetooth Headphones Won’t Charge Or Turn On. How Can I Reset Them?

Resetting your Bose wireless headphones is a straightforward step that can help fix any charging issues.

Unplug your headphones and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Next, connect the headphones to the USB and insert them into your power source for five seconds. Remove the cord, wait a minute, then turn on the headphones.

After the Bose headphones are reset and charged for two hours, the battery issues should be resolved. 

4. I Have Tried All These Steps And My Bluetooth Headphones Still Won’t Charge Or Turn On. What Now?

If you have followed all these steps correctly and have identified that your battery is still functional, check to see if your wireless headphones are still under warranty. Unfortunately, there are some instances when there are technical errors on the company’s end, and you will need to contact customer service.


Whether you need your Bluetooth headphones for important Zoom meetings, listening to your new favorite song, or just want to block out your annoying roommate, there is never a good time for your Bluetooth headphones not to work.

Taking the time to carefully examine and update your wireless headphones can save you frustration and money. By applying these tips and tricks, we hope that we helped in fixing your Bluetooth headphones that won’t charge or turn on.