How Long Do Bluetooth Headphones Last?

Want to know about the battery life, playtime, and average lifespan of a pair of Bluetooth headphones? Then read on!

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You’ve probably heard of the headphones user who won’t give up wires, which is fine. However, debating with every Bluetooth headphone user is just annoying. The usual problem is, why would you want to depend on a battery? That’s what we’ll be talking about, how long do Bluetooth headphones last?

I guess you would want to know about the battery life, playtime, and average lifespan. These are things to know if you are thinking about buying Bluetooth headphones. I’d say most users are satisfied with going wireless, ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

Without further adieu, let’s get into it.

How Long Do Headphones Last?

The average playtime of Bluetooth headphones depends on the size of the battery, the bigger it is, the better. Of course, some other factors come into play, we’ll talk about that later. Wireless earbuds because of their small size, can’t last as much as Bluetooth headphones do.

So, Bluetooth headphones usually last 18-20 hours. As you can see it’s a reasonable amount, of course, you can find models that can last longer or shorter. Generally speaking, most models you can find online have an average playtime of 18 hours.

As I’m sure most of you know, after a while, the playtime will decrease. Sometimes the change in playtime can be tolerable, but if it’s significantly less, that’s a problem. That’s what we’ll be talking about next.

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What’s the average battery life?

First, to let your hopes down, every battery dies after a while. We still treat batteries as disposable, so manufacturers have no reason to increase battery life. Also, the technology may be available but it’s still not ready for commercial use.

Of course, things are not that bad. The average model has a battery life of 2-4 years. I’m not talking about cheap models or expensive ones, models with a price that most would find acceptable.

So, 4 years before you experience significantly decreased playtime is not bad at all. Users are happy even with 2 years, that’s why I said it’s a matter of personal preference.

You must be asking yourself, is there anything that I can do? Like any device you use, maintenance is the way to keep it in good shape for as long as possible. Even if you don’t get positive results, keeping your headphones in good shape is always a good idea.

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How to increase battery life

So, the usual Bluetooth headphone model uses a NiMh or a Li-ion battery. Even though they are a different kind of battery, taking good care of them is the same procedure.

It’s a common misconception that completely draining the battery before charging increases your battery life. This is the case with older batteries like NiCad batteries which Bluetooth headphones rarely use.

Bluetooth headphones use a battery that does not have a charge memory, so charging them without fully draining the battery is not a problem, the effect is not negative. In fact, fully draining the battery may damage the battery.

Fully Drain the battery

Now, this may contradict the thing I said before but you will see that’s not the case. It’s recommended that you fully drain the discharge battery after 30 cycles of charging. So, regularly emptying the battery isn’t a good thing, while letting it drain after 30 recharges is a good thing.

Another thing you should do is avoid situations where your battery gets heated up while charging. So, find a safe space for charging your headphones wherever you are. Heat may damage the battery and decrease battery life.

I would recommend avoiding fast chargers if not recommended by the headphone manufacturer. You may have noticed that fast chargers often heat up the device that is being charged. Point is, stick to regular chargers.

Also, make sure to turn the headphones off when you are not using them. Most models automatically go to sleep, models without a sleep option need to be turned off, however.

Frequent Usage

Lastly, don’t let your headphones be unused for a long period of time. The thing is if Bluetooth headphones aren’t used, the batteries leak out or corrode. You don’t have to use them every day, of course, but don’t let them just sit there for weeks.

That’s how you can increase the battery life of your Bluetooth headphones, make sure to follow these rules if you really appreciate those brand new headphones.

I’m sure most of you made your choice about Bluetooth headphones by now. However, there are still some things you may want to know about.

Bluetooth headphones lifespan

Now, you have heard people say that Bluetooth headphones don’t last as much as wired ones regardless of the battery. This is simply not true, Bluetooth headphones are just as good in performance as wired ones. Some are even better, the fact that manufacturers spend time on the battery means nothing.

So, don’t worry about performance. Usually, manufacturers will make both wireless and wired options for the same model. Besides performance, the important thing to pay attention to is the battery.

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Make sure to keep these things in mind when buying Bluetooth headphones. If you are going wireless, choose a battery without a memory charge, usually a NiMH or Li-ion.

And always keep in mind that you may have to buy a new product in 2-4 years. Don’t go for something unreasonably expensive, it will last the same as the average one will.

Well, I hope I answered your questions. I don’t see anything else that I can tell you that will help you. In the end, it’s your decision. After all, if you’re not satisfied with the battery life you can always switch back to wired headphones.

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