Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On An Airplane?

About to jump on an airplane and wondering if you can use your Bluetooth headphones? Check out this article before you fly and have all your questions answered.

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Anyone who has been on a long flight knows that a source of entertainment is a must. Naturally, you don’t want to be a loud passenger, so, headphones seem like a reasonable choice. However, as Bluetooth headphones become more and more popular, users are left wondering whether can you use Bluetooth headphones on an airplane.

So, if you are flying any time soon, and you have the same question, look no further, we’ll tell you all you need to know about Bluetooth usage rules on airplanes.

Ultimately, it’s the airline that decides if you can use Bluetooth headphones, the rules differ for every device, usually, you can use them with smartphones during the flight.

There’re still some things you need to know, keep reading so you can be an informed passenger.

When to use Bluetooth headphones

Now, even though most airlines allow Bluetooth headphones on planes, there are times when you can’t use your headphones.

Generally, you can’t use your Bluetooth headphones during taxi, take-off, and when the plane is landing. During the flight, you can use your Bluetooth headphones without a problem, make sure you follow these no-nos though.

Don’t go just yet, you need to know the right way to use Bluetooth headphones on a plane.

Airplane mode on

How to use Bluetooth headphones during the flight

How you will use your headphones depend on with what device you will pair them with. I’m guessing you will use laptops, tablets, and cellphones.

Now, if you’re going to be pairing your Bluetooth headphones with your cellphone, make sure that “flight mode” is on. Of course, if you have a SIM card on your cellphone. If not, “flight mode” is not a necessity.

Also, some devices can’t use Bluetooth while “flight mode” is turned on. So, you need to make sure that Bluetooth can be paired up while the phone is in “flight mode”.

As for devices that are not a cellphone, you can use them with your headphones. Some laptops have a “flight mode” but that’s not necessary. Just make sure your device doesn’t have a SIM card in it.

Let’s see what’s all the fuss about with Bluetooth.

What’s the problem with Bluetooth on planes

Bluetooth settings on an iPhone

Planes navigate their route by a complex communication system. It’s crucial that nothing is interfering with the communication system, otherwise, the plane may take the wrong path. Does Bluetooth interfere with the communication system?

Well, no, it’s not the Bluetooth, it’s the SIM card. That’s why you need to turn on “flight mode” before boarding the plane and using the headphones. However, some airlines banned Bluetooth use, without any proof that it interferes with the plane.

So, the next time you get the urge to yell at the flight attendant, consider that she didn’t make the rules, she just follows them.

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Can you use Bluetooth headphones to watch movies on a plane

Basically, you can use any kind of Bluetooth device that will not violate the airline’s rules. The most common devices are headphones, keyboards, and mouse. I don’t see what else you’ll need on a plane.

Make sure that the device is smaller than a smartphone, whatever that means. Make sure that the Bluetooth will function even when “flight mode” is on and you should be good to go.

Of course, some devices you won’t be able to bring with you on the plane. If it’s some kind of a special device, check if there’s anything that will be a safety hazard. When in doubt, ask the airline company.

If you want to watch movies with your Bluetooth headphones, make sure that you have the movie on your device. Otherwise, you will have to buy a Bluetooth adapter like the RHA wireless flight adaptor for the movies on the in-flight entertainment.

Can you use Bluetooth headphones with in-flight entertainment

Now, the in-flight entertainment uses a socket for connection, so you can’t use your Bluetooth headphones with it. However, some airlines stream the content through the plane’s Wi-Fi. So, you can just connect to the Wi-Fi, using your phone.

Also, you can buy a Bluetooth transmitter that you can connect to the entertainment socket. These adapters aren’t that expensive if you don’t travel that much, it would be smart to buy one.

Check out the wireless flight adapter I use personally when traveling.

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Which popular airlines allow Bluetooth headphones?

Basically, every airline allows Bluetooth headphones, however, they don’t have the same rules.

Lufthansa, for example, allows Bluetooth headphones even when in taxi or take-off. The rules I stated above are not valid for this airline. With Lufthansa, you can use your headphones all the way.

Air Canada allows Bluetooth headphones but when the plane reaches a height of 10,000 feet. Also, you must use headphones with a removable battery. And, the plane model must have Wi-Fi.

JetBlue has the same rules that I talked about at the start of this article. Use your Bluetooth headphones, but make sure your device can’t emit cellular signals.

Other airlines that follow the same rules as JetBlue are Porter, WestJet, EasyJet, British Airways, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Southwest airlines etc.

All in all, airlines allow Bluetooth headphones with devices that don’t emit cellular signals or devices with “flight mode”.

I think that’s about it. If you’re in doubt, read what follows.

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Conclusion for using Bluetooth Headphones On an Airplane

The most reasonable thing to do is ask the airline that you will be traveling with. Whatever question you have, whatever you’re not sure about, ask the airline. It saves you time and effort.

I can’t stress this enough, every company has different rules. You’re not expected to know everything about the rules. You may travel with only one airline and feel like you know what’s allowed. However, rules change all the time and it’s always best to ask.

Also, a certain airline will have different rules for each plane they have. So, the best thing to do is to ask about your plane and what’s allowed on it.

That’s all folks, good luck with your trip, stay safe.

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