Why Are My Bluetooth Headphones Crackling?

Are your Bluetooth headphones crackling and constantly annoying you? Not to worry, learn how to fix your headphones here!

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You are ready to wind down for the day to some relaxing music through your wireless headphones. But, upon pairing them, you hear disturbing sounds and ask yourself, “Why are my Bluetooth headphones crackling?”

In most cases, Bluetooth headphones crackle when the Bluetooth signal is weak or is interfered with by another signal. Other causes are due to damaged wires, faulty drivers, unbalanced equalizer, or the wrong audio format. 

No matter how expensive your Bluetooth headphones are, you are likely to experience sound interferences at one point. These crackles and static noises detract from the joy of listening to your favorite music. 

Here is a breakdown of why your Bluetooth headphones are crackling and what you can do to fix the issue.

Bluetooth Headphones Crackling – Help!

Bluetooth Interference

Bluetooth interference happens when there is an obstacle between the audio source and the Bluetooth headphones. Since most Bluetooth devices have a specified connection range, your distance could also be a factor.

Your headphones may also experience Bluetooth interference in a densely populated area. This problem arises from the devices competing for frequency. You can solve this by moving closer to the audio source, disconnecting and pairing again, and changing your location.

Damaged Wires

As wireless headphones age, the thin protective rubber layer covering their wiring circuits wears out, leaving the wiring circuits vulnerable to wear and tear.

Any twisting and poor manufacturing can cause the thin layer to wear out faster, causing crackling and popping sounds.

If your headphones start crackling, unscrew them and check the wires for short circuits, loose connections, and damage. However, avoid interfering with the circuitry to mitigate the risk of further damage.

Faulty Drivers

Due to continuous use and listening to music at higher volumes, your speakers experience wear and tear. When your speakers are worn, you will notice they have disturbing vibrations, and the sound output lacks clarity.

Turning your audio device’s volume down eliminates crackling when your headphones have difficulty handling the impedance. If lowering the volume doesn’t help, changing the faulty speaker can solve the problem.

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Unbalanced Equalizer

Poor equalizer settings can bring static noises to your headphones. This comes from the inability to project some of the sounds causing distorted and crackling sounds.

In this case, the first step to eliminating crackling would be to check your equalizer settings and adjust them to see whether there is any change to the acoustics. Resetting the equalizer settings to default can go a long way to solve the problem.

Outdated Sound Drivers

Drivers allow your computer and the sound system to communicate efficiently. However, outdated sound drivers can cause communication problems.

If your wireless headphones work well on other audio devices, update your computer’s audio drivers. You can update the drivers through the device manager or third-party software.

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Wrong Audio Format

There is a visible quality difference between watching a 144p and a 1040p video. This concept also applies to audio configurations. Lower audio quality is likely to have a lower acoustic rate when played through quality headphones.

The fix to correct your audio output involves tweaking the output quality of your headphones. Disabling the exclusive mode on the third-party music app can also help cut crackling and static noise production.

Other Hardware Issues

Your headphone hardware issues are not limited to damaged wires and speakers. The AUX port and headphone jack are also prone to problems, causing crackling sounds.

These problems arise from debris and dirt building up on your AUX port and the jack, causing the jack to lose its connection with the port.

Use a soft cloth or double-sided tape on a toothpick to clean the port and jack to fix this issue. Additionally, check for any physical damage like bends that need straightening.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Bluetooth Headphones Crackling Mean?

Crackling on your Bluetooth headphones refers to a series of small sharp noises that sound like twigs breaking when someone walks on woody grounds that you hear when listening to something on your headphones.

Why Do My Bluetooth Headphones Crackle in Certain Places Only?

Bluetooth is a sensitive connection that is easily disrupted. If you find that static noise arises in particular areas, it could signify the presence of many Bluetooth devices. Similarly, walls and microwaves are also culprits for causing Bluetooth interference.

Will My Warranty Cover the Repair/Replacement?

Yes. You can get free repairs and replacements if your warranty is valid and you have not breached its terms. Moreover, having a professional repair your crackling headphones has a guarantee over a DIY repair.

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Several elements work harmoniously for wireless headphones to produce a clear and crisp sound. However, crackling and static noises are unforeseen and affect your music listening experience. Luckily, you can diagnose the causes of crackling and apply quick fixes to enhance your acoustic experience.

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