What Headphones Work With PS4 Chat?

Want to chat with family and friends while you’re playing PS4 online with them? Check out which headphones work with PS4 chat here.

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Since gone times, every headphone manufacturer has been working tirelessly to provide gamers with the most advanced Ps4 headphones. We are provided with plenty of choices on what headphones work with PS4 Chat. This poses a challenge as to which will give the best quality.

Can You Use Regular Headphones On PS4 To Chat?

So, your friends are finally available for a team game on PS4. As we all know, communication is crucial for some games. Even if the game doesn’t require talking, it’s still fun to chat with your friends while you’re playing. You’ll need headphones for a better experience.

In case you were wondering, yes you can use headphones on PS4 to chat. Don’t worry even if you don’t have your main headset with you, regular smartphone headphones will work too.

I’ll explain thoroughly how to use your headphones on PS4 to chat. I know some users have trouble with this kind of stuff. After all, just plugging in your headphones doesn’t work often, it’s not as simple as that.

What Kind Of Headphones Can You Use On PS4?

PS4 doesn’t have any issues with wired headphones, however, when it comes to wireless headphones, it’s not that simple. PS4 is a gaming console, enabling a third-party controller is just not worth it.

Basically, you can use any headphones that have a 3.5 mm jack. As I said, regular headphones will work just as well. So, if you have any 3.5 mm headphones near you, you’re good to go.

Now, Bluetooth headphones have to be compatible with PS4. I think most of the headphones that are compatible with PS4, also have a USB dongle for the console. You can find out if the headphones are compatible with a simple Google search.

To aid you in choice-making, I have deeply researched and reviewed 6 top-rated and recent headphones that work smoothly with your PS4 chat.

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Hyper X Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

What Headphones Work With Ps4 Chat

Hyper X headphones have been advancing every dawn to offer its customers superadditional features for better voices on your ears. Starting from an advanced soundbox to extra comfortable cushions, this unit is equipped to solve your sound problems.

Modernized Microphone

No matter how finer the sound quality of a given microphone is, we will still yearn for better audio. A modernized mic means more quality sound. This recent microphone ensures you a more quality voice with whispers from the background noise. This enables you to fully concentrate on the game without annoying interruptions from the voices near you. You don’t have to ask your neighbors to converse in low tones, this one got you covered.

Substitutable Ear Pads

Flexibility is always necessary with any headphones. Everyone needs choices. Hyper X comes with two quality types of ear pads; leatherette and velour. You are therefore free to choose between the two what feels comfortable at different times.

Superior Sound Performance

Due to its advanced features, the sound performance is top-notch. The modern Hyper X is Hi-fi compatible with 53 mm drivers that give an incredible audio performance in any sound environment.

  • Improves sound quality.
  • Sturdy Quality .
  • Substitutable ear pads.
  • Great noise canceling.
  • It requires more power to drive it.
  • No numerous compatibilities.

Playstation Gold Wireless Headset

What Headphones Work With Ps4 Chat

The high-fidelity version 7.1 is responsible for the high-quality sounds in the urban jungles and alien worlds you explore.

For those wireless ps4 headphones lovers, this could be a perfect package for you. It requires a few steps setup process and you will be ready for a memorable experience.

Comprising a headset companion application, you can listen to game sounds and chat audio concurrently. Additional to the cordless components is a cushioned over-ear that offers a comfortable gaming time.

Key features

  • Headset companion application.
  • Stylishly comfortable design.
  • Compatible with VR.
  • Accessible sound and microphone controls.

In-built rechargeable battery

Just because a battery has depleted chare doesn’t mean, it should move to the trash bin. Your money is worth more. With an in-built rechargeable set, the process of removing your headphone battery to charge is cut. An in-built battery is safer compared to a removable one which can be affected by external factors like heat, or physical damage.

Sleek, long-lasting make

No one wishes to buy headphones with the intent of going back in a few months. A long-lasting unit is all we need in our first headphone shopping. After all, why go through all the research and review just to land one-year durable headphones?

This recent gold cordless headphone was constructed to offer improved comfort and long-lasting operation. This is easily achieved and also maintains the incredible gaming sound experience you love.

  • Adjustable to different head sizes.
  • Soft lush band.
  • Passive noise cancelation.
  • Companionable app.
  • Great sound separation.
  • No hinges.
  • Pain to set up.
  • Not a Bluetooth set.
  • Challenging connecting to a phone.

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless + Base Station

Can You Use Regular Headphones On PS4 To Chat

Among the most preferred PS4 headphones is the Astro gaming set, which is also compatible with the PS5. It has been researched deeply to offer a more durable premium sound-tuned set that gamers would adore.

Key features

  • Long-lasting battery.
  • In-built mix amp.
  • Game and sound balance.
  • EQ modes.
  • Dolby sound.

15+ hours Long-Lasting Battery

It is a terrible heartbreak when your audio suddenly shut down due to power loss. Astro gaming battery delivers you a long-lasting uninterrupted gaming time with its 15 times longer life battery. The superior lithium-ion set provides continuous power to drive your set for hours.

Sound Adjustment Control

It will be annoying if the sound controllers are fixed in a high or low setting to your preference. Having sound control enables you to set your preferred volume in different circumstances. The voice adjustment controls also allow you to balance between your game and the chat sound mix. No audio has to be over the other.

Moreover, the closer the controls, the easier the process. Astro gaming sound controls are located with just a slight hand stretch.

For your preferred sound settings, this pair comprises a voice control to enable you to adjust to your preferred sound output.  The controls are fixed on the headset for easy access. No cables are required.

Swappable Synthetic Leather headband

While designing a headphone, it is majorly preferred to use soft materials to improve the gamer’s comfortability. These components are tender and gentler to your ears. Astro gaming headphones are enhanced with soft ear cushions. 

 In addition to this benefit, you can easily exchange it. However, this is only a case with an A50 cordless headset generation, 4 models.

  • No cables required.
  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • An easily accessible voice adjustment button.
  • A mod kit for more customization.
  • It cannot be used wired.
  • Unremovable microphone.

Avantree AS9PA

Can You Use Regular Headphones On PS4 To Chat

No matter how cool your 5-year-old headphones are, a newer version will probably out win it. as with other brands, SteelSeries has to be on its working to advanced and better is headphones quality. With the latest 2020 version, more has been achieved and delivered.

It is sufficiently light-weighted to make you forget its presence over your head. For plentiful choices, this set comes with numerous colors and dynamic illuminating effects to enable you to choose your favorite. With a steel series engine software, you can simply adjust the sounds from EQ to surround sound options.

It is multi-compactible and mobile-ready hence you can move it with you wherever you need to go.

Key features

Prism RGB Lighting.
Clear cast dual-directional mic.
DTS headset.
USB chat mix option.

The Finest sound drivers

Even in our daily conversations, a stammering person sounds less clear than an audible person. What is the point of the sound if the message isn’t delivered clearly?  Equipped with a Si speaker, this sound delivers the competitive merit of incredible clear sounds.

Considering the need not to miss any detail, the drivers are equipped with quite a low distortion sound. It doesn’t matter if the volume feels like a thousand miles away, you got it.

Ski goggle suspension band

Even if it has everything to do with the design, a one-sided headphone will definitely feel wrong. The main benefit of headphones is to deliver a relaxed gaming time with comfort in mind.

To avoid unnecessary head tilting, the headphone weight is uniformly balanced across your entire head. These great aids avoid pains which can be a result of more pressure at certain extra loaded points.

Airweave ear cushions

With a thick cushioned headband, sweating is a common guarantee. You need comfort but that does go proportional to the thickness of the headband. An extra thick headband will leave you sweating an hour since you started gaming. After that, you may be forced to take a break to air your ears.

SteelSeries’s air weave ear cushions offer a suitable comfort without sweating your ears. The fabric keeps your ears completely cool and dry for a whole gaming session.

On-Ear buttons

You really don’t have to stretch more to mute your headphones. These ear buttons are positioned so that a slight lift of your hand reaches for them. It reduces the time taken to reach the controls and also a simple tap is all you need to do for sound control.

You can be able to reduce the volume with your eyes still on the screen.

  • Thick comfort cushions.
  • Very light weighted.
  • Great noise cancelation.
  • Superior sound clarity.
  • Not wireless.
  • No chip.

Turtle Beach Recon Spark Universal Gaming Headset

What Kind Of Headphones Can You Use On PS4

Turtle beach takes a considerable percentage of the headphones market. From its design, quality, and features the gadget screams buy me from afar.

For more comfortability, it is equipped with memory foam ear cushions that improve the bass response and better sound isolation. Commonly asked questions asked by customers are, will this work with my iMac, tablet, or phone? With turtle beach, that is simplified with its compatibility with numerous devices.

Key features

  • Great quality sound.
  • Onboard audio controls.
  • Multi-platform compatible.
  • Long-lasting comfort.

Flip-up microphone

Everyone needs a microphone that requires uncomplicated procedures to operate. You also don’t need a mic that seems to act deaf while you give commands. The microphone ensures that all your commands are delivered clearly hence a smooth gaming time. Turtle Beach’s flappable mic gives users an easy time playing without its distraction. When muted, you can flip it outwards in one step.

Metallic-strengthened headband

When you hear of metallic-made equipment, durability clicks first. You aim to get headphones that you will trash after one use. Not worth your money. The metallic component in its headband advances the durability of these Turtle Beach headphones.

Glasses friendly

No matter how cool your headphones are, what’s the benefit if you are short-sighted? In addition to quality sound, headphones that allow you to wear your glasses are a plus. In addition to having quality sound, you can still focus on your screen.

  • Glasses friendly.
  • Changeable over-ear construction.
  • Fingertip close sound controls.
  • Quite compatible.
  • May produce a buzzing noise.
  • Not braided cord.
  • Low quality in cable controls.

How to set up headphones with PS4

You’ll see that this is a simple task. That is if you follow these steps.

Regular headphones with PS4

Now, you can use headphones with a 3.5 mm jack both for game audio and chat. I guess most of you want to use the chat.

First, connect your headphones to the DualShock Controller. Just insert the audio jack. Then, go to Settings, and open Audio Devices. You’ll see that you can choose what sound will be sent to the headphones. If you want the chat, choose Chat Audio as output to headphones. For game audio, choose All Audio.

Also, make sure that your headset is the selected sound input device if you want to use a microphone. You can control volume through Volume Control, located in Audio Devices.

Bluetooth headphones with PS4

Connecting your wireless headphones is not so different. I’ll show you how.

First, check if your headphones have a PS4 dongle. Connect it to the console. If you don’t have a dongle, skip this step.

Start with opening Setting on the PS4. Open Devices and select Bluetooth Devices. Then, put your headset in pairing mode and wait for it to show up on the screen. When the headset is available, click on it to pair. If the pairing is successful, you’ll hear a sound.

That’s it. This is everything you need to know, have fun playing.

7 Important Factors for PS4 Chat Headphones

Before choosing the most compatible ps4 headphones with your preferences, a few factors are a must consideration.

1. Quality audio settings

This is a core factor when choosing headphones. An effective set should support 3D sounds and extend the virtual audios too. It shouldn’t be distorted by the surrounding noises to provide a convenient gaming time.

You also need a low-latency time if you don’t to be frustrated every minute. An exact and quick response will provide the right action and free you from all your problems.

2. Comfort

No one needs a headphone set that will be nudging every instant. The main aim is to land a non-destructing headphone that allows long gaming hours without fidgeting or tilting your head.  You will also save yourself from back and neck pains.

Aluminum-designed headphones are much lighter compared to steel designs and you will rarely sense them on your head.

More cushioned headphones result in more comfort but they may make your ears sweaty. Headphones with moisture-proof components will effectively prevent that. Other headphones feature swappable faceplates or removable faceplates which can be a great choice too.

Get headphones that aid free from problems rather than creating them.

3. Compatibility

Can you imagine having headphones that are incompatible with your console? It sucks, right?

Thanks to the manufacturers who go the extra mile and specify which devices are compatible with their product. A more compatible set will provide a wide range of what to use with the headphones.

It may save you from future spending. However, various headphones are compatible with different devices. Ensure your choice is compatible with the console you have.

4. Durability

Just in case you think you may end up banging your set the next minute you lose, more solid headphones will withstand more. You may accidentally drop or tread on them and you really don’t want to pick up crumbled remains.

High-quality materials result in a long-lasting unit. Leather makes it less moisture-proof and can crack over some time thus becoming so uncomfortable.

5. Additional features

Whether a product has been ruling the market for the last decade, having advanced features will keep it at the top. Such extras massively aid in making a choice in case you are stuck between various choices. Additional features mostly result in improved sound quality. More comfort and also ease in operation of the headphone.

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6. Reviews

It is better a show than a story. Learning about the performance of various headphones from other customers’ practical experiences contributes more to telling their factual operation of them.  This reduces the chances of making a regrettable decision.

7. Budget

Please don’t break your bank account for the premium headphones set. It is a common saying that quality products are more priced. However, what you prefer may not be that pricey. Going with your preferences is more advised than following what is in the air.

To wrap it up, landing a quality PS4 compatible headphone requires extreme fore considerations. With these top 5 headsets and a crucial buyer’s guide, I hope you land yourself a preference-fitting choice. All the best.

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