Can You Hack A Bluetooth Speaker?

Can You Hack A Bluetooth Speaker? Are there security flaws and what are the risks? Here’s what you need to know to protect your devices.

Hacking a Bluetooth Speaker

Many people wonder if it is possible to hack a Bluetooth speaker.

Yes, anyone can hack a Bluetooth speaker. It is possible to bypass the security features of a Bluetooth speaker and change what the speaker is playing. You also need to be within range of the Bluetooth device to hack it.

Fortunately (or unfortunately!), a Bluetooth speaker is easily hackable if the speaker is both turned on and discoverable. Even if the device is not on and not discoverable, you can still hack it with a few more steps.

Read on to learn all the ways to override a Bluetooth speaker.

How To Hijack Or Hack A Bluetooth Speaker

People can use various methods to hack a Bluetooth speaker. These include:

  • Being the first person to pair with the Bluetooth speaker
  • Finding vulnerabilities in a Bluetooth speaker
  • Executing a KNOB (Key Negotiation of Bluetooth) Attack
  • Using Metasploit Tool
  • Using Kali Linux Tool

Whatever method you select, you can successfully hack the speaker and make it play whatever you want.

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Method 1: Pair With The Bluetooth Speaker First

The device is accessible if no one else has yet paired with the targeted Bluetooth speaker. Pairing your phone with the speaker enables you to quickly and easily hack the speaker.

Bluetooth works by transmitting a digital audio signal across devices. So, when other people have already connected to the Bluetooth speaker, this added usage complicates the hacking process.

However, making the connection is simple when no default PIN is in place. If the speaker has a default PIN, you can try to enter common PINs like 0000, 1111, or 1234. Some other standard PINs include 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555, 6666, 7777, 8888, 9999, and 0123.

If you cannot crack the PIN and pair it with the speaker, proceed to use other methods.

Red JBL bluetooth speaker

Method 2: Find Vulnerabilities In A Bluetooth Speaker

You can also hack a Bluetooth speaker by finding vulnerabilities within the firmware. The firmware is where the speaker is weaker.

To access the firmware, perform the search “Bluetooth vulnerability scanner.” You should get results from multiple websites that allow you to scan in-range Bluetooth speaker vulnerabilities. You can also use a device search engine such as Shodan to scan the speaker.

Method 3: Perform A KNOB (Key Negotiation Of Bluetooth) Attack

The KNOB process allows an attacker to force two devices to connect without encryption. First, you must make sure the devices are within pairing distance. Furthermore, you should check that they have weak encryption.

As a result, when you escalate the KNOB attack, the encryption between the devices further weakens or decrypts the Bluetooth traffic.

Take the following steps to perform a KNOB Attack:

  • Place the attacking device between two paired devices.
  • Begin collecting the Bluetooth data packets.

Method 4: Hack Bluetooth Speakers With Metasploit

The framework Metasploit exploits Bluetooth devices and creates vulnerabilities within them. People who never update their firmware are more likely to have their Bluetooth speaker hacked with Metasploit.

Take these steps to hack a Bluetooth speaker with Metasploit:

  • Find an internet-connected Bluetooth device that is vulnerable to hacking. The “btscanner” tool is just one way to locate such devices.
  • Use the “bluetooth_hcidump” module. This module takes over the device. It does so by obtaining and analyzing the Bluetooth data packets.

Method 5: Use The Kali Linux Tool

Like Metasploit, the Kali Linux tool performs a similar vulnerability-scanning process. The steps to hack a speaker with Kali Linux are almost the same as those of the Metasploit method.

To use Kali Linux:

  • Find a connected and vulnerable Bluetooth speaker. If you can’t find any yourself, use features within Kali Linux like “btscanner” or “Bluetooth-hcidump.” This second feature can analyze and take over the Bluetooth data packets.
  • Use one of the above features to receive the Bluetooth packets and hack the speaker.
Hacker programming

FAQs About Bluetooth Speakers

How Can I Keep My Bluetooth Speaker Secure?

Now that you know multiple ways of hacking a Bluetooth speaker, you may want to protect yours better. Take the following precautions to ensure no hacker accesses your speaker:

  • Shut off your Bluetooth speaker when not in use
  • Download and use a Bluetooth security app
  • Use a firewall for additional security
  • Have a strong encryption protocol in place
  • Create a complex and powerful security code
  • Don’t share sensitive information via Bluetooth
  • Make your Bluetooth speaker or devices undiscoverable
  • Only pair your Bluetooth speaker in a private setting

Overall, you should obtain as much protection and security for your Bluetooth speaker as possible. Pairing with public devices is one of the quickest ways to set yourself up for a hacking attack. A hacker finds easy targets through publicly connected devices, so always connect your device privately.

Where Can A Bluetooth Speaker Be Hacked?

Anyone can hack a Bluetooth speaker. A Bluetooth connection occurs within a fairly short range. Therefore, someone will likely hack a Bluetooth speaker in a busy public place.

High-traffic public places are the most common hacking environments. For instance, public transport or coffee shops are popular targeted areas. So, keep an eye on the setting of your Bluetooth speaker and paired device.

How Do I Know If Someone Is Hacking My Bluetooth Speaker?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell if someone is hacking your speaker. Bluetooth hacking is typically undetectable and done under peoples’ noses.

However, a potential indicator is unusual sounds or changes coming through the speaker. Your speaker’s sound quality can also worsen, so pay attention to this sign.

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Conclusion: Can You Hack a Bluetooth Speaker?

As you’ve learned, you can hack a Bluetooth speaker in several ways.

You can change the music and sounds coming out of a Bluetooth speaker once you successfully hack the device. Furthermore, you can protect yourself and your Bluetooth speaker from hackers by taking preventive measures.

Leaving your Bluetooth speaker vulnerable is a security risk that leads to stolen information and data. Knowing how to hack a Bluetooth speaker allows you to control a speaker or prevent someone from overriding yours. In addition, knowing multiple ways of hacking a speaker can further ensure that you achieve these two goals.