How To Connect Chromecast To Bluetooth Speakers

Have you ever wanted to connect your Google Home or Chromecast to an external Bluetooth speaker system? Well, here are some simple steps on how to do it!

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Learning how to connect Chromecast to Bluetooth speakers is simpler than you think. If you’re ready for a new world of entertainment, read on and find out how to turn on your Bluetooth pairing mode and upgrade your TV’s audio output.

Doing so allows you to take full advantage of online streaming services or simply watch your YouTube favorites with crisp, clear audio. When you connect your Bluetooth devices, the options can almost seem endless, but it’s better to experience them than read about them.

Are you ready to learn? Let’s get started with how to connect Chromecast to Bluetooth speakers step by step.

The method is the same with both an in-built and a plug-in Google home device:

  1. Make sure that your connected Bluetooth speaker is on and in pairing mode. You may need to press a purpose-built button on the device to activate pairing.
  2. Startup the Google Home App on your phone and connect to your primary profile.
  3. Look for the TV you want to pair the Bluetooth speaker to and select it.
  4. Click on the “Settings” icon in the top right-hand corner and select “Audio.”
  5. Look for the “Paired Bluetooth devices” option and click on it.
  6. Search for “Enable Pairing Mode” in the lower right-hand corner and click on it.
  7. Return to Audio Settings and look for “Default Music Speaker.”
  8. You should see previously connected devices using Bluetooth, including phones, Nest, and so forth. Your speaker shouldn’t appear yet.
  9. Hit the “Pair Bluetooth Speaker” button to bring it up, and the app will look for active Bluetooth devices.
  10. After this search, you should see the speaker come up, so select it as a paired device.
  11. It doesn’t take long. You’ll know that the process works when the speaker’s name changes color. It will go from light gray to a bright blue, and you’ll see ticks next to it on the list.
  12. Hit the “Done” button, and you’re ready to start.
Connecting a bluetooth speaker to chromecast

How To Connect Chromecast To Bluetooth Speaker Without The Google App

If you have the Chromecast device that includes Google TV, all you need is the remote or accessory that comes with it:

  1. Make sure the speaker is ready to pair up
  2. Switch on your TV and, using the remote, navigate to the “Settings” page
  3. In the drop-down menu, choose “Remotes and Accessories” and activate the “Pair” function
  4. Your TV will list any active Bluetooth devices
  5. Select the correct one and hit the “Pair” button to link it

Troubleshooting The Chromecast Setup

The pairing process is relatively simple, so there’s not much that can go wrong. At worst, the TV won’t pick up the speaker. Should that happen, there are a few things to check:

  • Make sure that the speaker is in range of the Chromecast device
  • Ensure that the speaker is inactive pairing mode, and so sending out a Bluetooth signal
  • See if other devices in the home can pick up the speaker as it may be incompatible with the Chromecast or is not working correctly

If everything is in order, rescan and see if this solves the issue. Worse case, you can try the age-old technology hack of resetting all your devices and starting from scratch.

Another common problem is that you pair up several speakers but still only hear the sound come from one. There is nothing wrong with your system – Chromecast only broadcasts to one speaker at a time. 

If you prefer a full surround sound experience, it may be better to pair your device with earphones instead.

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Why Choose A Bluetooth Speaker?

Selecting a Bluetooth speaker has several advantages over choosing a wireless one. While both devices are portable, Bluetooth devices work using radio waves rather than your internet signal. Therefore, a wireless device is slightly more expensive in terms of data usage.

Another consideration is the potential sound quality. You will consistently achieve the best sound quality with a wired connection. However, you do sacrifice portability and the ideal placement of the speakers.

A radio connection comes second because it is a stable signal emitted over a set frequency. As long as the devices are well within the range of one another, it’s simple to achieve a good connection, whether there’s an internet signal present or not.

Naturally, if you’re running everything through the Google app, or a Nest router, this is an oversimplification, but it still stands.

A wireless connection is convenient and allows you to pair multiple devices with one Chromecast, providing you with the broadest range of options. However, you may have to sacrifice quality. The speed of your internet connection and bandwidth usage can all impact how you enjoy your entertainment.

Bluetooth provides a stable, cost-effective connection that allows you to enjoy better audio quality. The fact that Chromecast only plays through one speaker at a time is inconvenient but not a dealbreaker. With the range of high-quality, affordable speakers on the market today, it’s easy to compensate for this slight downside.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stream music directly through a Bluetooth radio using Chromecast?

Yes, if the radio is new enough, you can connect it using Google TV. Google TV will help you scan for stations, and you will control your selections and volume through the remote. Older models might still work, but you’ll need to pair them manually.

Can I Connect Bluetooth earphones in the same manner?

Yes, the process is the same for any Bluetooth device. It should be relatively easy to set up as long as it’s compatible with Chromecast and within range.

Can I connect Chromecast to my speakers via HDMI cables?

Yes, assuming that your speaker has the correct HDMI ports. Simply connect the HDMI cable to your speaker and plug in the USB cable for power. You will then use the Google app on your phone to control playback, volume, and music selection.

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Wrapping It Up

Now that you know how to connect Chromecast to Bluetooth speakers, you can immerse yourself in entertainment. Horror movies take on a whole new meaning when the creepy noises come from behind you rather than the screen. Be ready to be blown away and enjoy leveling up your audio experience!

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