Why Do My Earbuds Keep Breaking On One Side

We all change earbuds once in 2-3 years. It’s not ideal but we like it. Replacing the earbuds because it’s time for a new pair is okay. However, replacing the earbuds because they broke is irritating. Especially, if all your earbuds keep breaking, usually on the same side. That means you’re doing something wrong. So, that’s why I’ll be answering: Why do my earbuds keep breaking on one side?

Earbuds always breaking on one side is a sign of repeated damage on that side. Earbuds get damaged on one side when repeatedly: sleeping on one side with earbuds, dropping the same earbud, sweating on the same earbud, traveling without a case, and damaging the wire.

All of this can be avoided, stay with me to find out how.

How Do Earbuds Break

How Do Earbuds Break

Now, I don’t have to tell you about all the ways that earbuds can break. If you’re creative enough, you can find 100 different ways to break them. Here, we’ll be focusing on the ways that earbuds can break repeatedly on one side. It can’t be a coincidence that all your earbuds keep breaking on the one same side. You must be doing or not doing something that leads to the earbuds breaking.

Hopefully, you’ll realize that you were doing one of the things that I’m going to list now. If so, take precautions so the same thing won’t happen with your new pair of earbuds.

Sleeping With Earbuds

I’m one of those persons that can’t fall asleep without watching or listening to something. Earbuds make the whole experience better, they are like sleeping pills. I know most of you do that too. Using earbuds for sleeping is quite common. Unfortunately, that’s how earbuds usually break.

It’s not dangerous for you to sleep with earbuds, it’s dangerous for the earbuds. While you’re sleeping, you’re moving around. At one point in the night, one of the earbuds will fall off. If the earbud is under you, it can fall apart from being crushed. Even if the earbud is not obviously damaged, the pressure damaged something inside the earbud.

Most of us prefer to sleep on one side. So, the earbud on the side we prefer to sleep on is most likely the one that is breaking. So, if you’re sleeping with earbuds, it’s most likely the reason why the earbuds keep breaking on one side.

You may be sleeping on your back and think that the earbuds are fine. However, you can’t be sure that you won’t roll around and damage your earbuds.

Dropping Earbuds

Dropping Earbuds

I still haven’t heard about a user that hasn’t dropped the earbuds even once. Earbuds are small and compactable, that’s why they are great. But that’s why they also get dropped. While this doesn’t happen that often for some users, for others it’s regular.

It’s not hard to guess the situations where you drop your earbuds. You’re running and one earpiece falls down, or while taking them out of the case one earpiece falls down. I drop my earbuds when I keep them in the pocket instead of the case.

The thing with dropping earbuds is that it’s always the same earpiece. And that’s why your earbuds keep breaking on one side. I recommend taking extra care of the earpiece that has been dropped once too many times.

Sweating On Earbuds

Runners prefer earbuds. Understandably so, it gives them the freedom to move while they are listening to music. One of the problems that earbuds manufacturers faced was earbuds being damaged from sweating. While there are accessories to protect from sweating, most earbuds can’t handle being covered in sweat repeatedly.

Runners also like to be aware of their surroundings, so they will use only one earbud while running. I’m guessing some of you do that too. If you do this every day for 1 hour, the earbud will definitely break apart.

There you go, another thing to consider if your earbuds keep breaking on one side. Do you use only one earbud while running?

Transporting Earbuds Without A Case

Earbuds come with a case for a reason. It’s really hard to transport your earbuds without the case. Even if you don’t lose them, you’ll somehow damage them. I would also recommend putting the case in a safe place.

You can’t even imagine how many people travel with their earbuds in the pocket without a case. Or, they’ll put the earbuds in their bag unprotected. So, when you transport the earbuds like that, they may get crushed or damaged by the pressure.

Pulling The Wires(Wired Earbuds)

Wired earbuds face a different issue than wireless ones. With wired earbuds, the wire is always in the way. There are ways to put the wires away but they can still get pulled or caught in something. This can lead to a damaged wire which will affect the sound.

So, if your wired earbuds keep breaking on one side that means that you’re pulling the wire for that side. Next time, take measures to get rid of that wire which is always getting in your way.

How To Keep Earbuds From Breaking

These are easy steps that you can take which will make sure you won’t break the earbuds. Consider the steps as a routine. Follow these steps and you won’t have to deal with the same problem over and over again.

  1. Take the earbuds off when falling asleep.
    It’s okay to prepare for sleeping with your earbuds. You want to listen to something and that’s reasonable. Just make sure to take them off when that sweet sleeping moment comes.
  2. Keep your earbuds in the case.
    It’s very simple. When you aren’t using the earbuds, keep them in the case. This will significantly decrease the chances of dropping the earbuds. Even if you drop them, they are protected in the case.
  3. Do not proceed until the earbuds are fixed in your ears. 
    Earbuds are known for falling out. But that rarely happens if the earbuds are strongly fixed in your ears. So, before playing what you want to play, fix the earbuds in your ears.
  4. Buy sweat-resistant earbuds.
    If you are using earbuds mainly for running, it’s a smart move to invest in sweat-resistant earbuds. Otherwise, your earbuds will keep breaking from sweat.
  5. Keep earbuds in a safe place when traveling.
    Baggage tends to get squashed when traveling. You wouldn’t put something delicate in your bag where it may get damaged. It’s the same with the earbuds.
  6. Practice wires management.
    If you don’t feel like changing to wireless earbuds, you must know how to handle the wires. Put the wires beneath your shirt where they won’t get pulled out.


Let’s sum this up. Why do your earbuds keep breaking on one side? Well, the answer is simple. Your earbuds keep breaking on one side because you’re damaging the earbuds on that side repeatedly. This wouldn’t keep happening to every pair you buy if you were taking proper care. So, the answer is: you are not taking care of the earbuds. Follow the steps I listed to make sure your earbuds don’t brake.

I hope this helped you guys. Let’s see if this pair breaks on the same side again.

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