AirPods Pro Water Accident: Key Steps to Revival

Are you one of the many AirPod Pro owners who accidentally dropped their earbuds in water? It’s a heart-stopping moment, but don’t panic just yet!

While it’s true that water damage can be a death sentence for electronic devices, all hope is not lost.

In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on what to do if you drop your AirPods Pro in water. From quick fixes to more extensive solutions, we’ve got you covered.

So, grab a towel, and let’s dive in!

TLDR Version

Wipe away any extra moisture from your AirPods Pro by wiping them down with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. You’ll need a cotton swab to clean out the smaller areas. Wait until they’ve dried entirely before charging them again.

Are AirPods Pro Waterproof?

Sadly, the AirPods Pro isn’t waterproof, but they are water-resistant. The same does not go for your AirPods charging case, as they are neither waterproof nor water-resistant, so you have to safeguard them even more.

Although water-resistant, AirPods Pro does not have the best rating for it. They feature an IPX4, which can only stand through a tiny sprinkle of water like light rains. However, it won’t resist full-blown submerging in the water like in your washroom tub or, worse, your toilet bowl!

AirPods Pro with case

How to Remove Water from AirPods Pro

Water resistance does not mean you should not dry your AirPods Pro as soon as possible if you get them wet. Follow the steps below to clean and dry your AirPods properly. These are the most essential steps you must immediately follow to save your AirPods from water damage.

Clean AirPods With A Lint-Free Cloth and Cotton Swab

Use a dry, lint-free cloth to remove residual water from your wet AirPods.

We recommend using a Q-tip/cotton swab instead of a microfiber towel to dry the tiny ports, as the towel won’t reach the small mesh openings. 

Give Ample Drying Time 

Clean your AirPods and leave them to dry for 24 hours before you try connecting them to check.

You should be careful before putting them back in the charging case shortly after getting them wet, as that could damage the case with any water residue clogged inside the wet AirPod.

After wiping the wet AirPod, leave them to try for at least three hours. 

You May Use Hairdryer But Don’t Fall For Rice Bag Trick

You should give them a whole night for proper drying. You can also use an external drying force like a hairdryer to get the water to dry faster. But don’t blast it with hot air constantly. That could damage the internal components.

At any cost, don’t go after the old rice bag solution.

Using rice to dry electronics is largely a myth and may introduce dust or small particles into your device. Instead, allow your AirPods Pro to air dry in a warm, dry area with good air circulation for at least a few days.

Old phone drying in rice
Don’t do this with your AirPod Pros!

How To Fix AirPods Pro Water Damage

If the first method didn’t work, this deep cleaning method might work wonders to get the water out of your AirPods.

So many users swear by this method to get the water out of your AirPods. Remember, try this method after performing all the steps of the first method. You can’t use this method after getting your AirPods out of the water.

Ready? Grab your iPhone and follow the steps below to eject water from your AirPods Pro.

How To Eject Water Out Of AirPods Pro

  1. Download the Shortcuts Gallery app on your iPhone
  2. Pair your AirPods after downloading the app
  3. Now, open the Shortcuts Gallery app and look for the “Water Eject” option
  4. As soon as you press that, you will notice residual water dripping from your AirPods. Keep pushing eject until you’re sure all the water is out
  5. After the eject is complete, dab your AirPods dry with a microfiber towel
  6. Check your AirPods to see if they are working fine

If this method fails to fix your affected AirPods, move on to the next step.

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Removing Water From AirPods Pro Naturally

Leave your AirPods in the sun to dry once you’ve drained the water using the app. Although this method appears to be a no-brainer, a surprising number of individuals overlook this helpful method. 

Follow the steps below to dry your AirPods under sunlight:

  1. Ensure your AirPods are switched off (not paired), and the charging case is unplugged
  2. Clean AirPods again with a microfibre cloth 
  3. To expose them to the sun, place them in cloth at a window or an open space with direct sunlight  
  4. Leave the charging case open to air dry as well 
  5. Allow them to soak in the sun for about an hour and a half 
  6. After that, put them on and check to see whether they function
AirPods Pro earbuds only

What Causes Water Damage In AirPods?

Water damage to your AirPods can occur in various ways, not only by dropping them in water. The AirPods might sometimes be flimsy and should be handled with extreme caution.

  • When you keep wearing your AirPods during rain, even if you have your jacket hood on or wearing a helmet while riding a bike, the water can still make its way into your AirPods.
  • Wearing your AirPods Pro during intense workout sessions for long periods. It allows sweat to enter the AirPods. 
  • Condensation can form within the AirPods when you move from a cold to a heated environment.
  • While swimming, your AirPods may become wet because of high humidity. 
  • Sometimes users can opt for the wrong cleaner solutions that can damage their hearing. Be careful when choosing a cleaner for your AirPods Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs that water has damaged my AirPods Pro?

Signs of water damage to your AirPods Pro may include decreased sound quality, issues with the noise cancellation feature, inability to charge, or the device not turning on at all.

You may also notice physical damage, such as discoloration or corrosion in the charging contacts.

Can water-damaged AirPods Pro be repaired?

Depending on the extent of the damage, it might be possible to repair water-damaged AirPods Pro. However, water damage is not covered under Apple’s warranty. Therefore, it may be costly to get them fixed.

You may need to contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store for assistance and potentially consider a replacement.

Can silica gel packets help dry my AirPods Pro?

Yes, silica gel packets, often found in the packaging of various products, can assist in drying your wet AirPods Pro.

Silica gel is a desiccant that absorbs moisture. After wiping down your AirPods Pro with a dry, lint-free cloth, you could place them in a sealed bag with several silica gel packets for a day or two.

It’s essential to take your time with this process and let the silica gel do its job. However, remember that while silica gel may help, it may not be able to fix any damage already caused by the water.

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