Sennheiser HD 6xx Headphones – Review

While it’s never easy to find the right headphones to suit your needs and requirements, recently the Sennheiser HD 6xx headphones started to impress with their great value and efficiency. What makes them very interesting is the fact that you have astounding attention to detail and tremendous value.

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Great Design – Sennheiser HD 6xx Headphones

Sennheiser hd 6xx headphones

The massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6xx headphones are extraordinary and the best thing about them is that they really offer a good value for money. Their design is simple, yet impressive, and you do get all the quality you need and require in a single package.

The black and gray finishes really stand out and they convey all the value and professionalism you may need. On top of that, you will be very happy with the assistance and the fact that you can easily take them with you thanks to how light they really are.

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Close up shot of the Sennheiser HD 6xx headphones

We found the massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6xx headphones review process to be great, and that’s because these products are just a sheer pleasure to use and enjoy all the time.

The cables are easy to keep near you and they don’t tangle that much. The metal mesh earpiece covers bring in even more comfort than you might imagine. And the massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6xx really impress with the great highs and lows.

The sound is crisp, you get to hear everything without issues and you will have no problem enjoying your music as you see fit. This really pushes the boundaries and it makes the experience more interesting and fun than ever before. It’s distinct and fun to enjoy, but at the same time, you have plenty of customization aspects here.

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There’s no major noise cancellation, but you don’t really have to worry about lots of noise coming from these units anyways, which is always a deciding factor for a lot of people to begin with. Plus, the fact that you can easily detach cables makes them very portable and a pleasure to use anywhere you want.

Of course it’s the performance of the HD 6xx headphones that really makes them incredible, and honestly, you really get to have all the value and quality you need without that much of a hassle.

Pros and Cons of Sennheiser HD 6xx headphones

The Sennheiser HD 6xx headphones are a pleasure to use, they offer you great efficiency and the sound quality is always very high. The product is also super portable as well.

The downside is that it does take a bit to get used to them. Considering this is a premium product, the Sennheiser HD 6xx headphones could have an even better look.

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After using the HD 6xx for quite some time, we found that they really deliver tremendous value and quality for the money. They are also very light too, not to mention very durably. If you’re passionate about headphones that output high-quality sound, then these are a great pair to check out!

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