How to Use Headphone with Built in Mic on PC

Buying yourself a quality Headphone with built in mic on PC could be expensive at times. That is why it is also definite that you would like to get the most out of this new device. You would be inclined to use it with your gaming console, your mobile, or PC. 

Methods to Use Headphones

There are many methods to use a Headphone with a built-in mic on your PC. These methods are:

  1. 3.5mm Jack

There is the option of buying older versions of headphones. That is because these headphones come with a split cable at the end.

These end up in two 3.5mm jacks, with one being used for audio and the other one for the mic. Usually, they are color-coded as being green for the headset and pink for the microphone. (Source)

  1. USB Powered Headsets

You might be thinking, “wait USB Powered Headsets? Are these a useful thing?” Well, yes they are and as a matter of fact, most USB Headphones are amazing at their task.

These headphones embrace incredible quality. Thanks to the numerous in-built amps and features they have. That is why there isn’t a huge difference between the qualities of a USB powered headphone and one with 3.5mm jack. So, if you prefer the convenience of USB, then these are the headphones for you.

  1. Wireless Headphones

You can also connect your headphone with a built-in mic to your PC if it comes with Wireless functioning features. This might be supported by Bluetooth feature but the main point here is convenience and ease of usage.

With wireless headphones, any problems that you might have had with wires becoming tangled and damaged are completely removed. The whole aspect of headphone usage becomes hassle-free. 

  1. Using with Desktop PC

Well, it is unexpected that you can use your Headphones with built-in mic with all accessories. The most common obstacle that most users face in this regard is the recognition on a desktop PC.

It doesn’t recognize both Headphone and its embodied mic as a single plugin but mobiles and laptops do so due to their 3.5mm port. For this reason, you can either plug the headphone into the audio in port to speak on social media outlets.

Also, you have to plug in the headphone into the audio out port to listen to the media on your PC. You can’t do both actions at the same time. 

Bluetooth feature

There is an option of resorting to the Bluetooth connection feature. But that is only viable if your Headphones feature Bluetooth connectivity.

Moreover, this connection over Bluetooth is meant for smart devices. This Bluetooth offer great quality connections. It is therefore fortunate that most updated and modern Headphones possess an option of line-in.

It makes them wired and compatible with older devices. That is how you can use them for applications on the PC. There is a simple solution if your PC doesn’t support an in/out combination jack for your headphones.


You can work it out by getting an adapter that can split into two. This means that it can split between audio that goes to drivers within your headphone and the one that is coming from your microphone. It’s pretty cheap and can be found at any vendor easily. 

Now, just plug in your headphones into the proper ports. Plug-in the female port to the male port and then plug in the latter to your PC. Remember the color code: pink is for the mic while green is for the speakers or headphones.

After this just tweak your windows settings according to the proper sources for audio and that is it. You are ready to go. Don’t worry even if this technique doesn’t work as it’s not 100% guaranteed. Nonetheless, since this adapter is inexpensive, it shouldn’t be that much of a problem. 

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