How To Make My Bluetooth Earbuds Louder

Struggling to make your Bluetooth Earbuds louder? For those who have trouble hearing what people say on their phones or other devices, try these tips!

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Some people are used to listening to loud sounds. So, when they realize that their earbuds are not loud enough, frustration occurs. If your earbuds are not loud enough for your turn-up songs you may be wondering: How to make my Bluetooth earbuds louder?

All Bluetooth earbuds have a volume limit. The earbuds can’t play louder than the limits. Device software can limit the earbuds’ volume even further. By entering the device’s sound settings, you can make the earbuds louder. You can also use volume increase apps.

The steps you need to take to make your earbuds louder differ from device to device. All will be clear in a minute.

Bluetooth Earbuds Sound Volume Limit

Due to regulations, many earbuds and headphones are volume limited. That means that no matter what you do, the earbuds can’t be louder than the set limit.

There are some earbuds that are not volume-limited but these are not ideal. Basically, they will play the same volume as the volume-limited earbuds. If you pass the limit, the sound will be distorted. I think that’s not something you’re looking for.

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Average Decibels On Earbuds

Now, most earbuds have that “responsible” design. That means the highest decibels the earbuds can reach are in consent with health regulations. Brands don’t want to cause harm to their customers and that’s reasonable.

There is a demand for earbuds that don’t have to follow those regulations. These, have a higher decibels limit. You can’t listen to loud volume for more than 2 hours though with models like these.

Most Bluetooth earbuds have an average volume limit of 85 decibels. Louder earbuds can range from 90 decibels to 100 decibels. 

I think you’ll be interested in some of the louder earbuds models. Let me recommend some.

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Best Loudest Earbuds

Jabra Elite Active 75t

The Jabra Elite Active 75t gives you control over some key volume controls. Not the loudest, but good sound and noise canceling.

Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2

Since you want the loudest earbuds, I think you should consider these. They can go as high as 115 decibels. The Bowers & Wilkins C5 are a good example of loud earbuds.

SoundMagic TWS50

One of the less popular brands. The SoundMagic TWS50 is a cheap model with a max limit of 107 decibels. I don’t think the sound quality will be the same as with higher-end earbuds.

How To Make Your Bluetooth Earbuds Louder

As I said, there’s nothing you can do about the earbuds volume limit but you can configure the software sound settings. I think with these steps you will notice an improvement, nothing significant though.

Adjusting Volume & Equilizer Settings

Android, iOS, and Windows devices let you control the volume settings for a certain output device. Here, I’ll cover these operating systems. I’m not sure that all devices and earbuds let you adjust EQ settings. You can download an external app for EQ settings.

iPhone Volume Settings

iPhone Volume Settings

iPhones have a Sound Check option that limits the output volume for earbuds. By default, the Sound Check is automatically enabled. Disabling that option will let you reach the max sound volume limit on the earbuds.

Newer iPhone versions also let you adjust EQ settings. You can choose one of many EQ options. If you set EQ settings on Loudness, your earbuds volume will significantly increase. There are also Bass Boosters and EQ settings for a specific genre.

Android Volume Settings

Android Volume Settings

Most Android smartphones have a Media Volume Limit. If enabled, this option lets you control the max volume limit on your earbuds. Disabling it, lets the earbuds reach their real decibels limit.

Now, not every Android version lets you choose EQ settings. It depends on the smartphone model and OS version. If your smartphone has that option, you can use it to increase the output volume.

Mac Volume Settings

Mac Volume Settings

Mac and Windows, basically all PC OSs don’t limit media volume. Earbuds connected to a Mac are not volume limited by default. Of course, you can still increase the volume.

By entering Sound and then Output, you can control the Output volume, and Left-Right balance. You will have to install an EQ app to adjust EQ settings.

Windows Volume Settings

Windows Volume Settings
Windows Volume Settings
Windows Volume Settings

Same as with Mac, Windows lets you control Output and Apps sound volume. You can also control the earbuds Left and Right balance. If your earbuds are not loud enough, set everything to max, except Left and Right balance.

Again, you’ll have to install an app for adjusting EQ settings.

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Using Equalizer Apps

You can take your quest for louder earbuds even further. If you’re not satisfied with the device’s built-in volume controls and EQ settings, you can use apps. There are EQ apps available for Android, Windows, and iOS.

  • Best EQ app for Android – 10 Band Equalizer
  • Best EQ app for iPhones and iPods – Equalizer Fx
  • Best EQ app for Windows – Equalizer APO

Personally, I haven’t used any of these apps. So, I’m not exactly an expert. These are all recommended and praised by many users.

Earbuds Settings

Some earbuds have a built-in mic, and an option to act as a headset for talking. If the earbuds are set up like these, they will not be loud enough. You’ll need to switch them back to media settings.

Again, not all earbuds have this option. Just check the instructions that came with the earbuds and make sure they are not set up as a headset.

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I don’t know exactly what kind of volume problem you have with your earbuds. I guess either they are too quiet or not loud enough. Believe me, there’s a difference.

Following the steps above will absolutely solve your problem if the earbuds are too quiet. That is if they aren’t damaged. The steps I listed will not significantly make your earbuds too loud. For that, you need to use an EQ app.

Disclaimer: Using earbuds with loud volume settings can damage your hearing. The media volume limit is set for a reason.

I have nothing more to add. Consider some loud wired earbuds if you really a fan of loud music. I hope this guide helped you with whatever issue you are dealing with.

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