How To Keep Wireless Earbuds From Falling Out

Do your earbuds keep falling out when you are exercising or walking around outside? Then check out our guide on how to keep wireless earbuds from falling out.

iPhone and Airpods

We all know that irritating situation when the earbuds keep falling out. This happens both with wireless and wired earbuds. Whether you’re studying, running, or just enjoying music, when the earbuds keep falling out, it’s hard to keep calm. Is there a way to keep wireless earbuds from falling out?

This is the main reason why most users prefer headphones over earbuds. Only if there was a solution to this. Well, of course, there is, what did you think? In a time where hoverboards and electric scooters exist, it’d be absurd if earbuds falling out is a serious problem. Even if manufacturers didn’t look for a solution, users would have found one.

So, as you already know, wired earbuds already have a solution to this. You don’t have to buy anything, just tie the wires around your ear. That’s the easiest solution, in addition, you can buy equipment that will solve that problem for you. Also, many manufacturers give attachments that keep your earbuds in place.

However, how do you keep wireless earbuds from falling out? That’s what we’ll be talking about today. I’ll go through a number of solutions, surely, one will work out for you.

So, without further adieu, let’s get into it.

How To Keep Wireless Earbuds In Your Ear

This option only works for those that don’t already have wireless earbuds. Of course, this will help you the next time you decide to buy wireless earbuds. Whatever the case is, it’s useful to know what follows.

Some products offer various sizes of the same model. All you need to do is choose the right size. When in doubt, compare the earbuds you want to buy with the ones you already have. Or, you can compare them with earbuds that a friend owns.

However, not every manufacturer offers this option. For example, AirPods come in one size and they are the most problematic. That’s why Apple came out with equipment that will solve the issue of earbuds falling out. As I said, this is not the case only with Apple, other manufacturers only offer one size too.

So, what to do? If you don’t want to buy additional equipment, just look for a model in a bigger size. I know that you may be set on a certain model, and that can be a problem. If earbuds falling out is a serious issue for you, consider another model.

Make sure that you consider the size of the earbuds before buying and you should be good to go. It’s best to walk away from a product if it doesn’t look practical to you.

Let’s see what can you buy that will also enable you to buy the wireless earbuds you have in mind.

Additional equipment if earbud tips keep falling Out

First of all, you should know that earbuds equipment is not that expensive, I would say it’s reasonably cheap. So, a couple of extra bucks will help you get the most out of those brand-new wireless earbuds.

Earbuds Cover

earbud covers

This is a really nice product that you can buy for your earbuds. Not only does this will hold the earbuds in place, but it also provides comfort too.

The main reason why earbuds covers were made is because of adding comfort. I’m sure you had those annoying earbuds that were scratching your ear every time you move. Well, the earbuds cover stops that. Also, if your earbuds are broken somewhere, the earbuds cover helps with that too.

Besides comfort, the earbuds cover can be used for a better fit. The cushion around the earbuds will make them larger and they will fit perfectly in your ear. So, it’s a thing you may want to consider. However, do note that the size of the earbuds will differ based on the earbuds you are using. For example, an earbuds cover for Apple Airpods may differ from the earbuds cover for Sony earbuds.

Keep reading, another product follows.

Ear Hooks and Grips

Now, these are products specifically made for keeping your earbuds from falling out. Wired earbuds use them too, you may have seen someone use them. Also, some manufacturers include these with the earbuds you will buy.

ear hooks and grips

Ear hooks as shown above and ear grips as shown below are not the same product. Hooks hang on the top of your ear, the name is self-explaining. Grips work the same as tying the wires around your ear, they don’t hang but grip the ear.

earphone grips

So, it’s a matter of personal preference. Ear hooks will stop the earbuds from falling by hanging from your ear. This may give you an unpleasant feeling because they will pull your ear downwards. Grips work better, it’s nearly impossible for the earbuds to fall out.

If you don’t want your ear to be pulled down, go for the grips. If you don’t have something around your ear, go for the hooks.

That’s all about earbuds and additional equipment, let’s see what you can do yourself.

The DIY Option

There’s got to be a way to solve this problem without buying a prepared product from a manufacturer, right? Not everyone likes to spend extra money on the already expensive wireless earbuds.

After all, by doing it yourself, you can increase comfort and stability. Manufactured products are not that specific.

So, what can you do?

Wear your earbuds differently

What is another way that you can wear wireless earbuds? You usually wear your earbuds with the end outside of the ear pointing downwards. Well, what if you rotate it where it would still point downwards but more over your shoulder?

This trick actually works really well. The earbud would be more inward your ear, it would be kind of stuck there. However, your earbuds would have to be in the right shape. Perfectly round earbuds wouldn’t work with this.

How to keep earbuds from falling out when running

What do I mean by waterproofing? Don’t worry it doesn’t sound as complicated as it sounds. All you’ll need is 4 tiny pieces of waterproof tape, make sure it’s the sticky type.

The 4 tiny pieces should be in a circular shape. Make them smaller than your earbud, so they could be taped on it but not cover the speakers. Place one on top, and one on the opposite side, for each earbud.

Now you have earbuds that you can use even for running. You’re good to go. You may also be keen on Best Wireless Earbuds Reviews And Buying Guide or Are iPhone Headphones Waterproof?