How To Fix Headphone Wires With Tape

Looking for a quick fix or a DIY solution for your damaged headphone wires? Read on to learn how to fix headphone wires with tape here!

Broken headphones on wood

We all know that feeling when the wires from the headphones get all squashed up. This is the main reason why wireless headphones are the trend right now. Because of this, we treat headphones as disposable. The wires are damaged? Time for a new pair.

Today I am going to share some tips on how to fix headphone wires with tape.

With little effort, you can fix your headphones and use them for quite some time. This is the way the DIY people prefer. And why wouldn’t they? Buying new headphones every second month is unnecessary.

So, how do you fix headphone wires? That’s exactly what I’ll be showing you, let’s get into it.

What you’ll need

As I said, this will be easy. The following are what is needed

  1. Electrical tape
  2. Wire cutters or utility knife
  3. A lighter

I’m sure most of you have this, if not, a quick trip to the store is needed. Don’t worry about anything else, these are the things you’ll need.

Let’s see how you will use them.

How to fix the broken wire With Tape

Now, I guess the wire is eaten up somewhere and you can see the copper on the outside. Or, you’re really unfortunate, the wire is cut in half. Either way, the steps to fix it don’t change.

Locate the wire

First, locate where the wire is squashed. This is where the wire cutters come into play. Cut the wire where it’s messed up, so you’ll get two separate wires. In order to see the problematic wires properly, you’ll have to remove the insulation around them.

Then, you’ll see one red wire and a couple of copper wires on each half of the cable. That is if you’re using headphones with two cables, one for each channel. If your headphones have one cable for both channels, you’ll see a green wire beside the others I mentioned. 

Separate the wires so they won’t be touching. The red one in one place, the copper ones in another place. In case you’re wondering, the red and green wires are for transmitting audio.

Burn the Coating

After that, you’ll need to use the lighter. The wires for transmitting audio are coated with enamel. So, you’ll need to burn the coating if you want to connect the wires again. You can do that by lightly setting the tip of the wire on fire and blowing it after. Do this on both parts of the cable.

Now, take the red wire and twist it with the red wire from the other part of the cable. This way, the wires are connected and can’t be separated by accident. Do the same with the copper wires, twist them together.

You need to make sure that the copper wires and the red/green wires are not touching.

Cover with Electrical Tape

Then, cover the twisted red wires with electrical tape so they won’t be interfering with the copper wires. After that, cover the whole part with electrical tape and make sure wires are not sticking out. 

That’s it, your headphones should be working now. The process is the same if the cable of your headphones is squashed in more than one place. If the cable is destroyed, you have no hope, you’ll need another one.

Hope I helped you with your broken wires, good luck to you. You may also be keen on How Do Noise Canceling Headphones Work or Best Headphones For Relaxation And Meditation.