How To Connect Senso Bluetooth Headphones

Another headphone manufacturer that rose to popularity recently is Senso. They provide models that can be a competition for other manufacturers while maintaining low prices. As is the case with any headphones model, new users can be confused on How To Connect SENSO Bluetooth Headphones.

That’s why I’m here, to help you connect your Bluetooth headphones. I guess you got your hands on Senso headphones but you can’t pair them. No need to stress over it, I’ll explain everything. 

Let’s get into it.

Senso Multifunction Button

Every Senso Bluetooth model has a multi-function button. This button serves for turning on the headphones and putting them in pairing mode. When in pairing mode, the LED indicator will flash a blue and red light. When paired, the LED indicator will flash a blue light every 5-6 seconds.

So, start by holding the multi-function button for 4-6 seconds, until the blue and red light starts flashing. As I said, this means that your device is in pairing mode.

Now, switch to the device you’re going to be pairing your Senso headphones with. Turn on Bluetooth on that device and wait for the device to find the headphones. Once the device recognizes the headphones as an available Bluetooth device, select them.

When the Senso headphones and device have been paired successfully, you should hear a sound and see that blue light flashing. For some models, your device will look for a password in order to pair the headphones. You should see the password on the box in which the headphones came in. 

Senso Headphones Not Charging

The first thing to do before pairing your headphones is making sure they are fully charged. When the Senso headphones are empty, you’ll see a red light flashing. When they are charging, you’ll see a red light but it will not be flashing. A blue light will show up when they are fully charged.

Why Senso headphones won’t connect

Also, in order to pair the headphones successfully, they must be turned off before holding the multi-function button. So, make sure the headphones are turned off before connecting. You can turn off the headphones by holding the button for 3 seconds.

Like I mentioned above, other Bluetooth devices will interfere with the pairing process. So, turn off any Bluetooth device near you. Doing this will make the pairing easier for you, one less thing to worry about.

If nothing is working for you, try restarting the headphones. You can do this by holding the multi-function button for 3 seconds while the headphones are charging. You can let go of the button when the LED indicator will flash a red light three times. This will set the headphones’ settings to default.

Nothing more to add folks, good luck with your headphones. I hope I helped you with the pairing problems you’ve been having.

Litheadphones Senso Headphones Recommendation 

If what you have tried above is still not working, your Senso headphones may be faulty. Most users don’t want to overspend on headphones, so, Senso is a good option to replace without any budget issues. For sports lovers, you may like to check out the SENSO Bluetooth Best Wireless Sports Earphones for own usage or as a gift. 

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