How To Connect Additional Speakers To My Soundbar

Looking to expand your home theater sound system? Learn how to connect additional speakers to your soundbar here.

Sonos Arc soundbar

Even though soundbars are all-in-one surround sound systems, people still want to add additional speakers to them. I kind of get it, some rooms are too big or you just want to add more to the surround. Is it possible though, and is it a good idea? Let’s see: How to connect additional speakers to my soundbar.

It’s possible to connect speakers to a soundbar but it’s not straightforward. Few soundbars support additional speakers. Most soundbars are standalone units. You have to use a rear speaker kit or an AV receiver.

This takes some explaining, so keep reading to find out more about soundbars and connecting speakers.

Soundbars And Speakers Compatibility

Soundbars are mostly used in combination with a TV. It kind of acts like an amplifier. It takes the sound from the TV and sends it out. TVs with good speakers are rare, especially new ones where there’s no room for speakers.

What TV speakers are really bad at is surround sound. That’s what the soundbar is for. The soundbar doesn’t send the sound directly to you but it’s directed at the wall. That way the sound bounces off simulating surround sound.

The whole point of a soundbar is to have surround sound with only one device. So, they weren’t specifically designed for additional speakers. This brings us to our next question.

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Should I Add Speakers To My Soundbar?

Most soundbars don’t support any direct connection for speakers. As I said, manufacturers do not see any point in adding that option. That doesn’t mean you can’t add speakers though, we’ll get to that in a minute.

Adding speakers to a soundbar is just a bad idea. Soundbars work in a very specific way to simulate surround sound. Additional speakers will interfere with the sound. The soundbar doesn’t account for the speakers, so the surround sound will get messed up.

You should add speakers to your soundbar if there’s instruction on how to do it in the manual. That means that the soundbar is designed to support additional speakers. Soundbars like these offer a direct connection to speakers.

Where the additional speakers are placed is what matters the most. That is if the channels on the soundbar are compatible with the speakers. For instance, one soundbar won’t be enough to get surround in a really big room. There adding speakers makes sense but you have to place them right.

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Soundbars That Support Speakers

It’s best and easy if you have a soundbar that supports speakers. This way, you won’t have to pass around anything. You connect the speakers directly to the soundbar. Here are some models that can be used with speakers.

  • Bose Smart Soundbar 300Bose has two more soundbars that support speakers, the Bose 500 and 700. These are smart soundbars that support Alexa. So it makes sense that you can add speakers wirelessly.
  • Samsung T450 SoundbarThis is a 2.1 ch soundbar. Samsung offers 2 rear speakers with a subwoofer for the soundbar. You can find newer models of the same soundbar. The soundbar has Bluetooth which you can use with Samsung’s Wireless Rear Speakers Kit.
  • Polk Audio MagniFi 5.1 SoundbarI’m linking just the soundbar, it can be used with speakers, preferably Polk Audio. You can order the soundbar with a subwoofer and speakers. This soundbar also offers Bluetooth which you can use to add wireless speakers.

Connecting Speakers To Soundbar

Since we got everything out of the way now we can move on to actually connecting the speakers. If you’ve followed what we’ve talked about so far, you know what follows. I’ll suggest three methods here, you decide on one. I’ll also leave a video guide where all of this is discussed thoroughly.

  1. Check your soundbar’s manual. 
    The best way to make sure you’re setting up your speakers right is to check the soundbar’s manual. If your soundbar supports speakers, you’ll find instructions in the manual. Most likely, the manual will recommend certain speakers from the same manufacturer. Make sure you’ve got everything right.
  2. Use A Rear Speaker Kit.
    With a rear speakers kit, you can add speakers to the soundbar wirelessly. This passes over the connection problem. Your soundbar and speakers need to have Bluetooth though. Using a rear speaker kit is one of the easiest ways to add speakers to a soundbar. It’s not really effective though seeing as how the sound output isn’t always great.
  3. Use A 5.1 AV Receiver.
    Now, this method is more complicated and you may have trouble with it if you haven’t used a receiver before. Some get all tangled up with the connections and they mess up the channels. Make sure you have RCA or AUX cables. Connect the soundbar with the receiver, you’ll have to do this for every channel. Then, connect your speakers to the receiver and you’re good to go. Again, the surround sound may be weird.

These are all the solutions I could think of. Did you find what you were looking for?

Closing Thoughts

I don’t want to end this without leaving you with some closing thoughts. It may have been confusing how I explained that soundbars and speakers are not a good combo but then offered solutions. I know that some of you are really set on adding speakers, so I had to deliver. Nonetheless, let me offer you some advice.

Soundbars really are standalone devices. The purpose is to offer a theatre experience with only one device. I highly recommend getting a really good soundbar instead of adding speakers. Or, just get good speakers and place them around the room without using the soundbar. My point is, don’t mix something that doesn’t go together.

If you’re really set on adding speakers, put some effort into it. Find out if it’s worth it. And also find out how you will place them. In order for speakers and a soundbar to work together, you need to know how to fill a room with sound. So, if you know what you’re doing, go for it.

That’s it for this post, I hope I helped you out with your questions. Good luck with your setup.