How To Choose Headphones For Gifts Guide

Need some help choosing a gift? Check out our guide on how to choose headphones for your loved ones!

Headphones and a wrapped up gift

Are you looking for the best headphone to offer this year? You are spoiled for choice: inexpensive headphones, shiny headphones, and new noise-canceling headphones for the avid traveler. Although everyone has an idea of ​​what makes the perfect headphone, the main challenge is How To Choose Headphones For Gifts.

Some people like huge bass, others want precise sound reproduction. Some people want them out loud. However, other features are just as important. Are they bendable or wireless? How about the design and color?

All types of valid criteria. Remember that it is impossible to answer for everyone’s tastes in a headphone. But whatever your budget, in this guide, you will find something to give or keep for yourself.

Headphones For Kids Gifts 

If you have a child who needs a pair of headphones, there are specially made child’s headphones on the market. It is the best for protecting your child’s growing ears. The main concern will be the volume.  For children, it is not recommended to have a high volume.

The best children’s headphones will have a feature that allows you to adjust the volume to levels below the maximum, which is important to look for when you are considering buying a children’s headset.


When choosing the best headphone for your child, first make sure that you are considering the right pairs. Many are designed for older children and do not adapt well to a child.

While some pairs are small enough for their two or three years old not all are suitable for primary school children. It is important to ensure that the headphones are properly adjustable.

Even though some can even be adjusted for adults, it is not an important criterion unless you are using them as well.

Volume Limiter

Since children’s hearing does not develop fully until the end of adolescence, you want to protect your hearing as well as possible. The safety limit for headphones recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) is 85 decibels.

Listening to loud music for a longer period can have serious consequences for your children to hear later in life. We believe that earphones with limited volume are just tools that can help parents or guardians protect a child’s hearing.

Choose earphones with noise-canceling for your children, which can be set to a different maximum volume for the safety limit. The maximum volume can be set to 75 dB, a child safety limit, 85 decibels, a general child safety maximum, or 94 decibels for temporary use in noisy environments such as planes, trains, or streets.

Some headphones can even be put into study mode. This means that a pair of headphones can serve children of different ages or can serve the same child gradually and measure them to grow preschoolers for older children.

 Color And Design

Sustainability is important when children are involved. The Color and Design must be bright and attractive for their attention. Children are not always picky at all but may not know how to take care of the headphones at this age.

As a result, build quality will be an important factor to ensure the headphone last longer than expected. You will not want to buy a new headphone every few months.

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 Lit Headphones Recommendation

Headphones For Kids Gifts 

When choosing a headphone for your child, remember that these are the most important factors: size, noise cancellation, comfort, and design. You should also choose a type of wireless headset, as cables can make it difficult for your child to move around. We would recommend the ONANOFF BuddyPhones Wave as a great gift for kids.

The headphones BuddyPhone Wave are perfect for children with their playful design available in a wide variety of colors different. They have a very solid build quality with a thick and thick bandana. The headphone volume is limited to 75 dB, 85d, 94 dB, and also fashion study, which means that adequacy has protected the ears of your child. It also has an autonomy of up to 20 hours.

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Headphone For Swimming Gift

Waterproof headphones make an excellent gift if the person you are buying for is a regular swimmer. It allows you to add music to your exercise routine, regardless of the number of feet underwater.

Below are some questions about the quality options for listening to music while we take our turn not waiting for the lifeguard to play something good on the PA pool system or jumping into the water when the synchronization of the team and its subsystem – the Navy is at the pool.

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Water Resistance Vs Waterproof 

In general, if the earbud can survive immersion in water, it is waterproof. However, from the IP classification table, no Bluetooth wireless headset with a rating between IPX6 and IPX8 can be considered waterproof headphones.

Even more, the level and the power of the waterproofing can differ: the IPX8 waterproof earphones can resist water at greater depths and more than a waterproof headphones.

Therefore, when you are considering a swimming gift headset, you need to choose the best waterproof Bluetooth headset with all of the criteria mentioned above. You must use headphones that are completely dust and waterproof.

 IP Classification

IP stands for Ingress Protection Rating Scale. The IP is usually two characters long. In the IP classification, the first character after IP is in the range 0-6 and signals the level of earbud against dust, while the second character is in the range 0-9k and signals the level of earbud protection against water. The bigger, the better!

You may have seen something like “IPX5, IP56, and more” on some of the devices you have. This is the IP index. Each character has a different meaning. The first character after the IP indicates the resistance of the Bluetooth wireless earbud to solid dust.

It is always between 0 and 6. The higher the number, the more the earbud will be protected from dust. When you see six as the first digit after the IP address, it means your wireless headset is dustproof. When giving a headphone to a swimmer, you should wear a perfect waterproof headphone that offers guaranteed durability with the highest level of protection against water.

Waterproof Mp3 Player

Sealing is a reliable form of technology, but some manufacturers may be vague about the exact details. Some products will specify that an MP3 player is waterproof to 10 feet, while others claim it is waterproof.

Thus, waterproof MP3 players should only be used at shallow depths for swimming or relaxing on the beach or pool. The waterproof technology is sufficiently advanced to guarantee that all products remain functional as long as they are used correctly.

We recommend using Underwater Audio which is endorsed by Ex Swimming champion Rebecca Soni and avoid using cheap imitators which can be a hazard underwater.

Lit Headphones Recommendation

Headphone For Swimming Gift

As with all major purchases, you may want to check each feature individually and carefully to confirm that you are really getting your money’s worth. Never assume that a resource is included if it is not explicitly stated. For underwater usage, we would recommend Tayogo 8GB Waterproof MP3 Player which allows underwater for up to 3 meters and 6-8 hours of playtime.

Gaming Headphones For Gifts

Headphones are not new to the gaming world. However, with eSports growing day by day, headphones have to make their way into the specific player category.

If you are considering buying a game headphone as a gift to a hardcore gamer, high-quality gaming headsets are an integral part of the game setup. Headphones not only add a sense of realism to games, but they also give you the chance to communicate with your teammates and meet enthusiasts of similar games.

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Sound Quality

All serious players would agree that high-quality sound can make a huge difference during a game. The main purpose of the headphone is to allow you to hear explosions, shots, and the footsteps of your enemies and take your game to the next level.

If you are not only a player but also a YouTuber, podcaster, or Twitch streamer compromising the audio quality, it is simply out of the question. The surround sound of gaming headsets comes from the different drivers held on each side of the headset for different audio channels.

Furthermore, users can hear the sound from different angles. In Call of duty, it is essential to know the direction of the shots. In this regard, choosing a headset with surround sound is the best thing you can do. Opting for headphones that emit 5.1 or 7.1 virtual surround sounds is essential, providing a competitive advantage in all genres of gaming.

Battery Life

Wireless gaming headphones are excellent, but they are not entirely fine when the battery turns off. Opt for noise-canceling headphones that have great resistance.

It is important to opt for headphones that can last up to 30 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. The one with active noise cancellation enabled, but the battery life can be extended from eight hours to 38 hours, working with noise cancellation.


 The materials used in the headband and headphones are the most important. They say the headphones are the most comfortable, not to mention that they are stylish.

Also, they make your ears prone to sweating. The spongier ear cups allow better air circulation, but the low-end models are not very comfortable to wear. As for the headband, it should rest comfortably on your head.

If the headband shatters your head, you can be sure that you will not be able to use your headphones during the weekend game marathons. The padded headphones seem to be the most comfortable.

If you have headphones that do not offer to pad, but metal or plastic bands, think twice and decide if you will sacrifice your comfort.

The weight of the headphone is also important. Make sure you take light but durable headphones. If the headphones are too heavy, you will reach a point where neck pain will be an issue.


The microphone is an important component of good-quality headphones. Even if you can’t afford the most luxurious device on the market, make sure the budget model you love has a good-quality microphone.

The built-in microphone helps you communicate with fellow players. Plus, the best gaming headsets have a sophisticated noise-canceling feature, so those you talk to can hear your voice with remarkable clarity.

If you plan to use the headset not only for TeamSpeak but also for listening to music or watching movies, it’s best to focus on finding a model with a detachable or discreet microphone.

Lit Headphones Recommendation

Whether you are a self-proclaimed game lover or an avid gamer who can barely count the hours spent playing, using good-quality headphones is always a difficult task. The combination of all of the above specifications makes a good gaming headset.

However, if you want an economical device, the headset may not have all of those bells and whistles. All that matters is finding a device that best suits your individual gaming needs and doesn’t make you clench your fists in frustration during a game. We highly recommend the Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3 as one of the best game headphones for gifts.

Game Headphones For Gift 

It’s industrial leading active noise control lends a personalized control bringing a personalized experience, practically soundproof, it has enabled voice access for music, information, and much more, which can be activated with a simple touch.

It allows you to control music and volume, activates the voice assistant, and answer calls. A single charge gives up to 30 hours of reading for reliable hearing all day long, which can be extended.

Headphones for Running Gift 

A great pair of headphones is essential for adding a soundtrack to your workouts, improving your performance, and keeping your mind busy while hitting the sidewalk – or on the treadmill.

A headphone gift for someone that is passionate about running must be insensitive to perspiration or rain, and comfortable to use.

We identified sound quality, battery life, and comfort as three important criteria to look at before buying the headphone as a gift for running.

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Sound Quality

Most people want to hear or feel their music while exercising and be motivated while blocking the gym or the world. There is joy in any activity with high quality brilliant and moving sound. A functional headset will be equipped with a unique speaker system as it provides a crisp, detailed sound with a satisfying bass response.

Battery life

The music should last longer than the workout. If your music gives you an extra boost, it allows you to push your limits, and your headphones can’t stop halfway. So pay attention to their charging time when you use them and the ease of charging when you are not. Always go for battery life that can last throughout one workout before the next recharge.


Your running headphones should be as comfortable as your sneakers. Nothing stops adrenaline faster than when you have to slow down to put on a headphone. A stable fit has become even more important now that smart treadmill classes and high interval training classes are very popular.

The setting varies greatly in working headphones, so there are a few things to consider. Think about how your headphones will feel in the long run. Will they move or makes you feel irritated?

Check at the weight of the headphone, and the lighter headphone can feel better when you are miles away from the record. Purchase phones with a unique shape that creates a soft seal on the ear that keeps them in place and also helps in improving audio performance. Select headphones that come with different pairs of tips, so you can choose what works best for you.

Lit Headphones Recommendation

When choosing running headphones for a gift, consider those with powerful bass response, detailed voice projection, and high volume. Those with easy button controls make it easier to control music and calls.

Headphones for Running Gift 

Additionally, those that come with a high-quality microphone for better voice clarity are a plus. Reinforced design for sweat & water resistance is also compulsory. Choose the one with noise isolation and secure ear hooks to ensure a comfortable and fit that improves audio performance while blocking ambient noise. One earphone in the market which we feel checks all the boxes mentioned above will be the Powerbeats Pro – Totally Wireless Earphones.

Sleeping Headphone For Gift 

Whether is it because a neighbor just brought a happy dog ​​home, snoring partners, or any other reason, sleeping headphones act as a great gift.  There are few potential inventions as appealing as a reasonably comfortable headphones to sleep.

Like most people who rely on audiobooks, podcasts called orcas or sleep lists read to sleep. Eye mask earphones solve this problem in one of the most ingenious ways we’ve ever seen.

By combining headphones with an eye mask, they can not only block outside noise but also block light. And the headphones stay in place much better than the traditional top of the pair of headphones. They are one of the most powerful tools in the toolbox for light sleepers.

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Sound Quality

The experience of wearing headphones over the ear is cool. The sound quality must be excellent. And the fact that the headphones are wireless and pressed against your head makes it an immersive experience when you listen to soft music and white noise in your meditation.

Battery Life

When choosing headphones for sleeping as a gift, opt for a battery that is designed for 8-10 hours of use and charging should be around 2 hours, which is standard for a set of Bluetooth headphones.

Although your exact performance depends on exactly what you are listening to and your volume, but up to 8 hours should be enough to attract most people at night.


Weight and feel are also key considerations, as they will affect your comfort. For weight, less than a pound is where you want to be. On the other hand, the feeling is more a matter of preference.

For example, you may prefer a soft or soft cloth or a tighter or looser fit. Speaking of tuning, it costs nothing to find a pair of adjustable headphones, since it is doubtful that any device fits perfectly in the box.

You should also take into account the darkness of the eye mask itself. If you’ve ever used a partially transparent eye patch, you know that inexpensive fabric doesn’t hold the light, and you want your eye mask to be as dark as possible.

Lit Headphones Recommendation

Sleeping headphones have their advantages and have helped millions of people. If you are buying it as a gift for a person who prefers to sleep with music in their ears, it is essential to understand everything around them.

Technology has advanced, and well-designed headphones have emerged that can protect the ears from any side. We highly recommend the AcousticSheep headphones are the most comfortable sleeping headphones as a gift.

Sleeping Headphone For Gift 

The ultra-thin flat speakers are comfortable enough to use when lying or sleeping on your side, while the module’s built-in volume and play/pause/skip controls allow you to control your Bluetooth-enabled devices easily.

Listen to soothing music, white noise, audiobooks, and everything to relax in comfort. To sum it up, you will enjoy the great range, superior audio quality, and a long-term battery.

You will love your AcousticSheep headphones wireless can connect to your Bluetooth device from 5-10 meters away. You will also appreciate the clear sound quality of the speakers, and you can listen for hours to a rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours long with the included USB cable.

Headphones for Toddlers Gift

It can be safe for a child to use headphones, depending on the combination of volume, listening time, and size of the ear canal. A song played at a high volume is unlikely to affect a child’s hearing. Although prolonged listening at high volumes can damage your hearing over time.

There is no research on how you are too young for a headphone. But we know that the smaller the child, the smaller the ear canals, which means that the same sound level in a child’s ear will be louder than in the ear of a bigger or older child.

Sound Quality

If you are offering headphones for toddlers, the simple mission is to give quality headphones that sound great and protect your hearing at the same time.

When it comes to children’s headphones, parents should consider headphones with volume limits or buy devices that help limit the volume. Ideally, you should opt for head accessories that produce less than 85 dB and make sure your child’s device is at a lower volume.

Battery Life

Choose headphones with long battery life so your child can use them long before charging. Ideally, consider headphones with at least 9 hours of battery life.


Comfort is a factor that should not be overlooked when purchasing a headphone for toddlers as a gift. You don’t want them always to be stressed out or stop using headphones after buying them. Make sure you get something that fits the ears perfectly. Something they would be happy to use for a long time, and even a nap.

Lit Headphones Recommendation

When choosing a headphone for toddlers, remember that these are the most important factors, size, noise cancellation, comfort, and design. We highly recommend the Puro Sound Labs BT2200 as a great gift for toddlers.

Headphones for Toddlers Gift 

The volume limit of the 85 dB Puro Sound Labs BT2200 provides peace of mind that your children’s hearing is protected. The BT2200 headphone is well constructed and elegant.

Bluetooth 4.0 has provided a stable wireless connection, and BT2200’s battery life is listed at 18 hours. The in-ear design produces good sound insulation, and the sound quality is also above average for children’s headphones. It is neither too bright nor too explosive, just enough.

Headphones For TV Gift

If you are looking to buy a headphone for someone that like to binge-watch on TV,  one of the best gifts is dedicated wireless headphones. Even if the soundbar is connected via optical or digital outputs, you can leave the wireless headphones connected without interfering with normal audio playback.

Immerse yourself in your favorite shows without disturbing others around you with good headphones.

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Sound Quality

This is one of the important factors to consider when choosing wireless headphones for your TV. If you buy the headphones at a local store, you have a good chance of listening to the audio before deciding whether or not to purchase them.

However, if you buy it from online sources, you will need to buy a headset that has received very good reviews. After determining the audio quality, you can decide if you need headphones that support bass and surround sound.

If you prefer, you should opt for state-of-the-art wireless headphones with dynamic bass and surround sound capabilities. You also need to determine how well the headphones can filter noise. In most cases, you certainly want one with a noise-canceling function.

Battery Life

Wireless headphones work with rechargeable batteries, so availability is an important consideration when purchasing a wireless headset for your TV.

The operating time is simply the time during which the headphone can maintain its charge before being recharged. In general, wireless headphones keep their charge for 10 to 15 hours.

However, there are now several new headphones, and these models have a fairly decent battery life of 20 to 25 hours. This is one of the reasons it is so important to check the battery life of a specific headset before buying it.


Choose an elegant and comfortable design to wear. The softer the headphones, the more comfortable you wear the headphones and listen to the sounds. If the headphones are hard. It’s a little difficult to use.

Hard headphones and headbands can cause headaches and headaches. Some headphones get so hot after a few hours of use that they are also outside our comfort zone and are difficult to use. So always choose your soft, comfortable, and easy-to-use TV headset.

Lit Headphones Recommendation

The headphones designed for the TV have high fidelity sound and high bass with noise reduction, voice mode, volume control, and automatic adjustment through the wall and ceiling and with up to 25 hours of battery life per charge. Choose wireless headphones that stand out for their durability. Our top recommendation would be the Sony RF995RK headphones.

Headphone For TV Gift

Sony technology produces high fidelity sound and high bass with noise reduction, voice mode, volume control, and automatic adjustment through walls and ceiling and with up to 20 hours of battery life per charge.

Its durable and powerful 40mm speakers deliver crisp, warm, and detailed sound, dynamic music, and crisp dialogues for all your hi-fi entertainment. Your TV must have left / right RCA output jacks to connect to the headphone transmitter, or you need a headset jack on the TV to connect to the transmitter.

Headphones For Girlfriend Gifts

Buying Headphones for girlfriends will entirely depend on what they like to do during their free time. It is an ideal gift in situations where they have to watch a movie on their cell phone or TV or listen to their favorite music while others are around.

At home, your girlfriend can watch a film with headphones without any disturbance from their siblings.  There are headphones specially designed for girls with beautiful fresh colors that girls will love and appreciate.

If your girlfriend loves to prepare dishes or desserts, she can move around the kitchen listening to music.  Wearing headphones would provide great entertainment to her while cooking.

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Sound Quality

The most important part of any good headset is the sound quality. Headphones for girls, while elegant and sophisticated in design, do not compromise sound quality.

The conductor opening is always large, and the conductor housing is usually made of steel or aluminum. The frequency response is such that it covers a wide range of audible frequencies.

These headphones offer high speaker impedance, high sensitivity, and good bass and treble. The sound is warm, rich, and powerful.

Noise Cancellation

Regardless of whether girls’ headphones are wired or wireless, and although lightweight, they use active noise cancellation technology that eliminates low frequencies from external sounds.

This allows traffic cancellation to make noise and sounds from engines, etc. Although the technology is still not very effective at mid and low frequencies, getting rid of low-frequency noise is also extremely useful


The headphones for girls and women are made of very light but robust materials. They have their headphones made of very soft material. And the memory foam used in the padding is ventilated so that the user does not sweat in the ears when using the headphones.

The headphones should be extremely comfortable to wear, and the headbands should not hold the user’s neck or head firmly. The main reason is to prevent any neck pain, ear damage or headache while using the headphone.

Lit Headphones Recommendation

Headphones designed specifically for girls are made to be highly compatible with the feminine lifestyle and the choice of colors and elegance.

While they provide all of the necessary high-tech functionality like there are in other headphones, these headphones have colors that are preferred by women. It must be a color or design that can easily match with their clothing and accessories. Our recommendation for headphones for your girlfriend’s gift would be the V-Moda XS.

Headphones For Girlfriend Gifts

It is a compact and comfortable headphone, with a robust and foldable design in a small carrying case. Even more, it has good sound quality and comes with a reinforced removable cable that includes a remote control and a microphone with an online button.

It also has an excellent treble response and an intermediate track that shines even when you’re switching from music to video.

Headphone for Boyfriend Gifts

You want to show your boyfriend that you love and appreciate him and know exactly what he likes. It can be difficult to balance consideration with something he’s going to use.  Especially if you’ve been dating for a while and have few ideas.

The Bluetooth headset integrated with the hat is a gift that will be unique and memorable for him.  He can enjoy his winter hobby and favorite playlist at the same time.

What is even more surprising is that the headphone does not add an ounce of weight to the hat. These Bluetooth caps are elegant but remain very functional. Bluetooth connectivity lets you receive calls from your smartphone speaker and skip to your favorite song in your playlist.

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Sound Quality

When buying headphones as a gift for your boyfriend, you should consider an elegant and stylish feature that provides an incredible audio system. Headphones with detachable HD stereo speakers provide an incredible audio system.

Get the one with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for perfect connectivity. Choose the headset with which wireless connectivity works within a 45-foot radius, as this makes the headset more efficient and reliable.

Noise Cancellation

As many passengers know, listening to music in the car, train or plane is hampered by the general background noise level. For critical listeners, this can be frustrating, as it blurs the nuances of the music.

The noise-canceling headphones are designed to eliminate background noise. They do this through phase cancellation technology. Some models incorporate Bluetooth technology for wireless convenience, as well as connectivity with computers and smartphones.

Battery Life

Their own built-in rechargeable battery powers Bluetooth headsets. Some rechargeable lithium-ion Bluetooth batteries allow 10 to 12 hours of talk/play and 60 hours of standby time with only 1.5 to 2 hours of charge. You should choose the headset with less charging time and enough time to enjoy music and phone calls.


Comfort is important. Any headphones will feel worn out soon, but when used for long periods, many are uncomfortable. Wear headphones for at least 20 minutes before deciding on comfort.

The larger the headphones, the better, when you select closed and rear-size headphones. For headphones, the smaller ones are better, and the padding or fabric can reduce the pressure.

Weight is a long-term comfort factor; in most cases, the lighter headphones are more comfortable. For long listening periods, super lightweight, portable headphones with foam pads are ideal.

Lit Headphones Recommendation

When it comes to choosing the right headphone for your boyfriend, you get what you pay for. While some article specifications may be helpful, things like frequency response numbers can be misleading.

Headphone for Boyfriend Gifts

Nothing replaces critical and attentive listening. You have to consider how you plan in using your new headphones is also essential to identify the right model. We would choose the Fullight Tech Bluetooth Beanie Hat Wireless Headphones as a stylish gift for your boyfriend.