How To Choose Good Headphones For Music Guide

Looking for specific headphones that are good for music? Then check out our guide on how to choose good headphones for music.

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Music is life; it makes you happy, engaged, and active. When you’re down, bored or sad, music can uplift your soul. Most times when I’m feeling lazy to do something, I just play my favorite songs, and then I’m up to work. The question on most people’s minds is How To Choose Good Headphones For Music.

People enjoy different kinds of music- rap, hip hop, pop, Afro, Jazz, reggae, and so on. There is no better way to enjoy music other than using headphones or earphones. This will help you personalize the song you’re listening to such that you can hear it in detail without disturbing the people around.

However, with the stream of products in the market, it’s difficult to know the best types of headphones that will serve you well. This guide will enlighten you on how to choose good headphones for music.

Which Is Better Headphones Vs Earphones?

Before going ahead to talk about how to choose good headphones for music, let’s first establish some basic information. Often times people are always confused about which is better between purchasing headphones or earphones. This aspect will clear that up.

Let’s briefly dive in.

Smartphone and earphones


Let’s start with the basic and most important which is convenience. Most earphones are designed in such a way that after using them for a while it starts to cause pain to the ear. The head of an earphone is not usually protected with a cushion or shock absorber.

This is because there is no room for that. Developers have no choice but to install the drivers and magnet in the head of the earphone. It’s only okay if it is well placed in your ear otherwise can become a nuisance causing your ear pain or falling off frequently.

Headphones, on the other hand, are designed differently. They are bigger and more sophisticated. In the past years, they were utilized by disc jockeys, movie and music producers, mixologists, and some media personnel.

Talking about comfort, they can be easily placed on the head with double speakers for both ears. Depending on the type you purchase, headphones can be adjusted to fit the head of the user.

It is covered up with soft leather or foam which serves as a cushion protecting the ear from pain or discomfort. Although may be a little heavy and therefore burdensome. That’s why you have to choose based on your preference. This guide will assist on how to choose good headphones for music.


Most times when you’re plugged in, you don’t want to hear anything outside the music you’re playing. Maybe you want to focus on a particular project, work on your pc or read a book. Using earphones no matter how loud it is, you will still be able to hear the noise outside. This is because the ear is still exposed in some way.

Unlike earphones, headphones are built to cover the ear of the user totally with no room for noise to enter. Once you’re plugged in, you’re turned off from the world. Even better, there are some other headphones that when plugged in without playing any music, can escape from the noise outside.

So talking about personalization and isolation from the noise outside, headphones are better because there is more room to include noise isolation and noise canceling features. However, it is highly dependent on the kind of headphones you purchase. Our best bet is that headphones with these incredible features will cost more.

Headphones and a notebook


Looking at the difference between the two- headphones and earphones, you can easily tell which is one is more costly. Headphones are usually packaged with additional features more than earphones. We can refer to them as sophisticated to some extent.

Although there are different types so the features and functions may vary. Earphones, on the other hand, are mostly simple and straightforward. They are, however, less expensive than headphones.


As a result of the additional features included in most headphones, they are usually heavier. The weight varies depending on the type of headphones you purchased. In this guide, we’re going to take a look into the different types of headphones available as well as their various features. Earphones, on the other hand, are simple and lightweight devices.

Frequency or pitch range

This entails the level at which sound is transmitted. When you compare sound produced by headphones and earphones, headphones come on top. Although there are exceptions, headphones have a better pitch range producing higher and more detailed sounds.

This is to say, you can hear every detail of the music you’re playing- beats, notes, lyrics, voice, and background while using solid and incredible headphones.

With the different features mentioned above, we can conclude that headphones to a certain extent are better than earphones for music. However, as said earlier, it is dependent on the kind of headphones you’re getting as well as the kind of earphones you’re comparing with it.

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Having established this fact, let’s move on!

Woman listening to music with headphones

What are the different types of Headphones?

To choose a good pair of headphones for music you have to know the different types of headphones available in the market. Each of these headphones comes with different features. As a result of that, not every one of them can fit your preference or specification. Without much ado, let’s dive in.

Open-Back Headphones

This is a uniquely designed type of headphones mostly used by mixing professionals. This type of headphones allows leakage of sound to the outside such that other people can hear a little sound. I’m sure you can relate to that.

I mean why would anyone love this kind of headphones? Unknown to many, open-back headphones are preferred by audio mixers and other music experts. The main reason is that they are known to produce well-detailed flat sounds without any interference.

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a kind of headset that will keep the noise out, noise isolating or canceling headphones, then this headphone is not for you.

Closed Back Headphones

You want to block out the entire world, this is the best headphones for you. They are the opposite of the previous type mentioned in this guide. They work in such a way that there is no sound leakage, unlike open-back headphones.

Maybe you need headphones to focus on something important, and this kind of headphones can help you with that. For instance, closed back headphones are common among musicians and music lovers.

While producing a song in the studio with the closed back headphones on, they are totally blocked from the outside and completely focused on the beat or rhythm of the instrumentals.

Comparing these bad boys to the other types of headphones, they are usually bigger, heavier, and more sophisticated. If you can overlook the weight and cost, then these are the best headphones for you in terms of high sound quality and production.

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Over Ear headphones

This name has more to do with the placement. They are placed over the ear which contributes to its noise isolation and cancellation. They are usually bigger than most headphones but comfortable because they come with earmuffs.

Since they are placed over the ear, they are good at isolating the user from the whole world, keeping the music in and the noise out.

This is the kind of headphones you’ll use that will disable you from hearing the next person sitting with you. Although these headphones are rated high due to their quality sound production, they are usually heavy and can cause your ear to sweat.

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On Ear headphones

On Ear headphones unlike over-ear headphones are placed softly on the ear. Instead of covering the entire ear, they are placed on top of the ear. They are usually lighter and smaller.

Thus, it allows for noise interference from the outside. Unlike the over-ear headphones, they don’t block you out from the world, so you can still hear your partner talking while buzzing some music jams. If you’re looking for the type of headphones that will produce good sound and comfort, go for the on-ear headphones.

Bluetooth Headphones

This type of headphones is the most common type in today’s world. No one is happy walking with wires attached to their phones or music players. They are the new catch in the music industry. You no longer need to carry your phone up and down in the house with the Bluetooth headphones on.

How does it work? Every Bluetooth headphone is wireless, connected with a Bluetooth-enabled phone or player, and comes with a range. The range varies based on the quality of the device. This explains how far you can go away from your phone or player with Bluetooth headphones.

They are great for gaming, studio sessions, and so on. However, they are the last we mentioned because they are capable of combining the efforts of the other four types of headphones – open & close back and on and over ear headphones.

However, they are known to drain the battery faster, they need to be charged when low batt and may be a little costlier than the rest. If you can overlook these few things, they are the best types of headphones you can use.

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Which Color Is Better For Headphones?

Colors also matter a lot when purchasing headphones. Although the majority of headphone owners neglect this function. They believe it’s not important as long as the sound quality is good.

Well, I think it is important to know the best color for headphones. This is dependent on the situation you’re using it for. If you’re using it for work, then brightly colored headphones won’t be advisable.

Try to go for dark colors like black, dark blue, and white. I’ll prefer black because they are discreet and not conspicuous. If you’re using it for leisure, then you can purchase bright colors like pink, yellow, and so on.

However, instead of buying a one-colored headphone, there are some headphones whose ear pads are detachable. So you can simply purchase ear pads of different colors and replace them based on your dressing and situation.

How To Choose Headphones For Music

Before going ahead to order a piece, you have to make some decisions. This will help you choose the best headphones. Here are a few tips that will guide you properly.

Decide on what you want

What are your needs? Headphones come in different shapes, sizes, prices, and features. You have to decide what you want and then select the one that aligns with your current needs.

Maybe you’re looking for something that will help you focus more on your work, noise-canceling headphones will be the best for you. So pen down your needs and check out which type of headphones fit.

Have you considered the money at hand?

Except you have the mind to steal, this is a very important factor. The price varies based on the quality, brand and features included. For instance, Bluetooth headphones with long-range will cost a lot more than wired headphones.

Decide on your budget and purchase the best for your budget. However, most times people go for cheap headphones because they don’t want to spend much and not because they can’t afford the expensive ones. I always advise people to pick quality over price.

This is because high-quality products are most likely to last longer than low-quality ones. In the real sense, by purchasing high-quality headphones you’re saving more money in the long run. Low-quality headphones which are cheap may not last or serve you well.

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Check out the sound

You don’t want to go for headphones that play out while plugged. This is why you shouldn’t buy just any kind of headphones. Headphones that play out defeat the purpose of using a headphone.

They could also be embarrassing and disturbing. Imagine using this kind of headphones while taking the train or on a commercial bus to work, annoying right? All eyes will be on you. So it is important to check the sound production.

The Pitch Range

The pitch range talks about how much of the sound you can hear while plugged in. Headphones with a large pitch range allow you to hear every detail of the music you’re playing. I’ll recommend a frequency range between 10 Hz to 25,000 Hz.

Note that the ear is one of the most delicate parts of the body. Don’t go for bad headphones that produce bad sounds just because they are cheap and affordable. They can cause ear damage if one is not careful.

6 Music Headphones Features and Benefits

Why do you think it’s so important to purchase high-quality headphones? This aspect will provide you with the benefits of purchasing good headphones for music.

1. Less Stress for your ear

Some headphones can actually stress your ear. I’ve heard of headphones that cause headaches, ear, and neck pain. A good headphone features thick and soft foam which serves as a cushion for the ear. By purchasing good-quality headphones, you can enjoy your music without stress and focus on your work.

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2. Sleep Better

Good-quality headphones can help you sleep better when you’re stressed. It keeps the noise out and gives you peace within. It features a neodymium magnet system which accounts for its high sound quality.

3. Adjustable

Another important feature is that allows the headband to be adjustable and fits on the user’s head comfortably. The non-adjustable ones are usually stretchable and elastic to fit into any head size.

4. Best Experience For Music

Ever used a headset that makes you dance?

You can easily tell the difference between high-quality headphones and low-quality ones from the sound production, solidness, and feel to the features it offers. Good headphones will provide you with the best experience you can ever imagine.

5. Easy to use

Good headphones are usually easy and convenient to use. Their buttons are conspicuous and instructions for easy operation are boldly inscribed on the pack.

You have no problem while using them. However, depending on the type of headphones you’re getting, ensure you read the instructions carefully. Some headphones are straightforward while some are not.

6. Durability

The last and most important feature is durability. The most annoying factor while purchasing a product like this is “durability.” Can it last you for a fairly long time?

A good headphone should be able to last long. This is because they are made of high-quality materials and embedded with protective measures to safeguard it from getting damaged. For instance, some can be folded and placed in a protective case.

Where you can try out headphones

I figured that with the stream of headphone products out there, it is impossible to know the best. It is advisable to try them out on your own before purchasing. Assuming you’re US based, here are a few places you can check out:

If you’re unable to find all these places mentioned above you can check out any local store around. However, most local stores won’t allow you to open the sealed box without paying.

Another option is checking big online stores such as Amazon, eBay, and so on. Check out for the products with a lot of reviews, at least 4-star good ratings, and comments. This will assist you in locating the best headphones for you.

6 Things To Avoid When Buying Music Headphones

While trying to purchase good headphones for music, you must also understand the things that should be avoided. This aspect will shed more light on that.

1. Drivers

The first thing to check out before purchasing is the drivers. They contribute to the sound quality. They are usually composed of three features- magnet, coil, and diaphragm. Avoid getting small drivers which may affect the quality of the sound

2. Sensitivity

The sensitivity of a headphone has to be with how loud is the sound produced. Go for headphones that are between 85 to 110 dB/mW. This is not too loud nor too low, it is just clear enough that you can hear every detail. Avoid headphones that offer a sensitivity lower than 85.

3. Impedance number

Impedance has to do the power capacity of the headphone. It is either low or high. Headphones with low impedance can generate good sound at low power saving your battery life.

It is generally better to avoid headphones with a high impedance that will drain your battery easily. With this, you may not be able to enjoy music for a long period if you’re not plugged into a power source.

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4. Frequency range

The frequency range also contributes to sound production and quality. It comes in two ways: lower limit and high limit. A good headphone should fall between 20 Hz and 25000 Hz. If you love bass, go for headphones with a lower frequency range.

5. Comfort

This is one of the most important features to look out for when searching for good headphones for music. No matter how awesome a headphone may be in terms of sound quality and production if it’s not comfortable for you,  it is not advisable to purchase.

Avoid headphones that don’t fit properly on your head or are not comfortable enough for long hours of usage. There are also some headphones that may cause pain to your ear which you want to avoid.

What’s the point of purchasing a headphone and not using it? Apart from the sound, consider checking other features that contribute to the ease of using the product.

6. Design

With the numerous designs of headphones available, I don’t think one should purchase something ugly. Check out for beautifully designed headphones that will perfectly suit your dressing. However, this is not a core feature because it has more to do with personal preferences than performance.


We have talked exclusively about how to choose good headphones for music. Once you’re not enjoying the music you love playing, kindly discard the headphone you’re using.

This is because good headphones should make the music experience better and not worse. Check the frequency range, sensitivity, size of the drivers, impedance number, and then the design.

Headphones are lifesavers when you need to focus, rest, think, work, or play if you can get the best. I sincerely hope this buying guide has helped someone in purchasing good headphones for music.