Do I Need A Headset For Zoom

Recently, both school and work meetings shifted to video conferencing. The app Zoom quickly became the main place for project meetings. If you’re like me and many others, you had trouble navigating towards video chatting. Do I need a headset or just the PC’s built-in mic?

A headset is not mandatory for Zoom but it’s recommended. You can use any kind of speakers and microphone combination. Using a headset will give you the best Zoom experience.

Although the answer is simple, there are some things you may want to know. Keep reading.

What Do I Need For Using Zoom

What Do I Need For Using Zoom

Most likely, you already have the equipment needed for Zoom on your PC, laptop or smartphone. Besides PCs, these devices have a built-in speaker and microphone. That’s all you need for a video conference.

I know most of you will have either headphones or a mic on hand but not both. You can use that device without using the other. For instance, you can use your headphones for audio output, and use the PC’s built-in mic for input. This goes vice versa as well.

If you’re planning on using a smartphone, you don’t need anything else besides the phone. Due to the phone’s design, there won’t be an echo even without headphones. If you want privacy, you can use headphones with the smartphone.

However, I said that a headset will provide the best Zoom experience. Why is that?

Why Should I Use A Headset On Zoom

Overall, the headset has a couple of advantages but that’s not what we’ll focus on right now. Most, don’t have a problem using just headphones for video conferencing. The problem arises with the use of speakers.

No matter what kind of microphone you have, the speakers will interfere with the audio. Gamers know this the best. Basically, the microphone will input the sound released from the speakers. 

So, when someone is speaking, the others in the video call will hear him twice because of you. You hear him via the speakers, the microphone recognizes that sound as input. Hence, the echo.

I don’t know if you have ever had an experience like this. It can be quite annoying for everyone in the call. Consider this as a matter of ethics. When you have the option to not do it, don’t do it.

The Advantages Of Using A Headset

We went over the main reason why headsets are the best. However, that benefits the others in the call more than you. And, the same effect can be reached just with headphones. The advantages we’ll talk about now benefit only you.

Better sound output. It’s a known fact that headsets provide better quality audio. You’ll be able to hear the conversation without any problems. In addition, they provide privacy. If there’s someone else near you, he will not be included in the conversation.

Crystal clear speech. Headsets are designed specifically for talking while also listening. So, while headphones may provide good sound output, they won’t provide input. The microphones on headsets are usually top-notch.

No background noise. Many voice calls are ruined because of background noise. The meeting can’t continue until the person responsible is kicked out. This doesn’t happen with a good headset. 

We cleared this up but you may be having trouble with setting up.

How To Set-Up A Headset On Zoom

One of the reasons why Zoom became so popular is that it’s very user-friendly. If you had experience with similar apps, you know that setting up audio options is complicated. You have to go in “Settings” and “Audio Options”. This isn’t the case with Zoom.

You join a Zoom video conference by a shared link. Before joining in, the link takes you to an “Audio Options” box. You’ll see a “Test speaker and microphone” option. Click on that.

Then, for “Speaker 1” and “Microphone 1” select your headset. Test your headset. If it works, you’re good to go.

Nothing more to add to this post, let’s sum it up.

Other Related Questions and FAQs

How To Set-Up A Headset On Zoom

Can I Use Earbuds For Zoom

Most earbuds have a built-in microphone. So, earbuds are a good alternative to headsets. If you have nothing else on hand, I highly recommend using the earbuds you have.

Do I Need A Camera For Zoom

A camera is not necessary for a Zoom conference call, you can just use a headset. It comes down to the policy of those that are organizing the call. If the others demand that you use a camera, use one.

Can You Use Zoom Without A Speaker And Mic

Yes, you can join a Zoom call without a speaker and mic. That is if the others don’t kick you because of it. Zoom has an in-meeting chat that you can use.


As I said, the equipment needed for a Zoom call is speakers and a mic. Headphones or a headset is recommended for smooth video conferencing. 

My advice is to never use speakers with a separate mic because of the echo created. If the conference is a one-time thing, I’m sure people will understand. However, if you’re planning on using Zoom regularly, go ahead and buy headphones or a headset.

Make sure you have a good mic to go with your headphones. Or, get a good headset, and you’re ready to go. Good luck on your video conference, hope this helped you with your question.

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