Can You Wear Over Ear Headphones While Running?

See people on the treadmill with over ear headphones? In this article, we cover what it’s like with over ear headphones whilst running!

Runner with over ear headphones

Running is an activity that I recommend to everyone, 15 minutes a day can significantly improve your health. However, running by itself can be quite boring, it needs something like music to make it fun. I came across this question in an online forum on whether can you wear over ear headphones while running.

Listening to music while running keeps you engaged and motivated. Of course, you can’t play music out loud while running, you’ll look like a fool. Earbuds were the popular choice among runners until recently when over the ear headphones became more popular. This change led to people wondering if running and over-ear headphones are a good combo.

What’s the problem?

For those that running is a daily routine, and changing earbuds frequently is also a routine. The problem is when you run, you sweat, and sweat and earbuds don’t mix that well. Sweat clogs the earbud like wax does to an ear.

So, how are headphones any different? The fact is, they are not, they may not stop working but the ear cushion will not last. Who wants headphones with no cushion? Over-the-ear headphones and earbuds have the same problem, so what do we do?

Now, you know what all the fuss is about. Both devices have a solution, however, in the end, one is better than the other. Let’s see how we can solve the sweat problem.

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Man running with headphones

How to deal with the sweat

As most of you probably know, manufacturers found a way to deal with the damages from liquids. This is no surprise, it would be stupid if sweat was a big problem with headphones in 2019.

The way manufacturers solved this issue with earbuds was by making waterproof products. Even though they are not that common, you can find waterproof earbuds online. With these earbuds, you can run all you want, sweat will not ruin them.

Over-ear headphones are a little bit different. Of course, there are some models with quality cushions that are immune to sweat but they can be expensive.

Don’t worry though, there is a way to protect your headphones without overspending. You can do that by buying additional padding for the headphones. The padding will soak up the sweat and protect the cushions from corroding.

So, now we know that sweat is no longer an issue, logically, the next question will be, what’s better?

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Woman running through park with headphones

What’s better

Well, there isn’t a definitive answer to this question. Only by asking more questions, we can decide. Basically, you should ask yourself, what am I looking for? Are you looking for a device that will provide quality sound?

Are you looking for something small that you won’t have to carry around in your hands? Is noise-canceling an important feature for you? Are you seeking comfort?

All these are important questions that you have to answer yourself. Of course, I’ll help you, you can’t know everything about headphones. So, I’ll list the pros and cons of both headphones and earbuds. That way, you can decide, after all, only you know what you prefer.

So without further adieu, let’s see the pros and cons of over ear headphones.

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Over ear headphones Vs Earbuds comparison for running

Over Ear HeadphonesEarbuds
Pros- Sound quality
- Noise Cancellation
- Comfort
- Convenient
- Cheaper to replace
Cons- Pricey
- Portability
- Die faster than Headphones
- Bad noise cancellation

Pros – over-ear headphones

over ear headphones for running

First of all, headphones provide a better sound quality than earbuds by far. This isn’t even a competition, headphones like the Bose QuietComfort 35 II always win in this category. Of course, cheap headphones will be worse than good earbuds, but that isn’t even a fair comparison.

Noise-cancelling is one of the best parts about over the ear headphones. As I said, running is always better when you are focused. If you are somewhere else with your mind, you will be running less but tire more.

Outside noises can be annoying sometimes, so headphones are a good way to shut them down. Many people enjoy this, listening to music and running is the only thing available to the mind when the headphones are on.

Of course, be aware of your surroundings, sometimes noise-canceling can cause trouble. Just be extra careful when you are crossing the street or running near a street. Also, if you’re running in the woods and there are dangerous animals there, you may not hear them.

Headphones can be really comforting too. Even though they are bigger than earbuds, they are more stable. So, knowing that your headphones are steady on your head and won’t fall down is a really good feeling. You won’t be distracted by always making sure your headphones are in place.

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Cons – over-ear headphones

Now, running with headphones causes you to sweat more, the paddings may save the cushions, but the sweat will irritate you for sure. Of course, this is tolerable, and more sweat is always better than earbuds falling off.

Headphones can be a bother if you want to grab a coffee after or before running. If you don’t want to listen to music, you will have to carry them around. Of course, you can put them around your neck, but they can be suffocating.

That’s it, let’s see how the earbuds are doing.

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Pros – earbuds

earbuds for running

Earbuds are convenient because of their size. When you are running, you don’t carry stuff with you. So, a small, compact device comes in handy when you are running. If you don’t care about the sound quality, earbuds are the way to go. Check out the Sony earbuds that I used personally for running with good bass.

Also, they are cheaper to replace. Eventually, sweat will get both the headphones and the earbuds. Changing the device once a year isn’t a viable option for everyone, so a cheap device is the way to go.

Cons – earbuds

Earbuds die way faster than headphones do. As I said, sweat will destroy the cushion of the headphones, if sweat gets to earbuds, they’ll die for sure. Of course, headphones without cushions are useless too.

Earbuds are really bad at noise-canceling. You’ll have to increase the volume so much, that other people will be able to hear it. Also, listening to music at a high volume may hurt your ears.

So, we reached the end. That’s all you need to know. Hope this guide helped you, good luck and keep running.

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