Bose Sport Earbuds vs AirPods Pro – The Showdown

Bose Sport Earbuds vs. Apple AirPods Pro – we’ve done the research and side-by-side comparison of these popular wireless earbuds. So, which one should you buy?

Apple AirPod Pros open charging case

Bose Sport Earbuds vs. AirPods Pro – it’s time for the ultimate showdown. Is Apple’s active noise cancellation or transparency mode enough to outweigh their somewhat lightweight design? Is the stability of the Bose Sports earbuds more useful during workouts?

Let’s find out.

The short answer is that it depends on what you need. If you require a sleeker design, a break from background noise, and a seamless user experience, the AirPods Pro wins out. The Bose Sport Earbuds could be a better choice if you need something more stable during exercise or require something capable of a deeper tonal range.

Both brands come close in terms of battery life and quality, with Bose coming in slightly less expensive. Let’s look at a quick summary before diving into more detail.

A Quick Analysis Of Both Models

 AirPods ProBose Sport Earbuds
EnclosureClosed Semi-Open 
Dimensions0.94 by 0.86 by 1.22 inches1.2 by 1.2 by 1 inch
Weight Without the Case10.8g18.14g
Sweat and Water ResistantYesYes
Battery Life4.5 to 5 hours5.3 hours
Bluetooth Version54.1
Noise CancellationYesNo
Wireless ChargeYesNo

Both brands have earned a reputation for creating high-quality, innovative products and are now household names.

Bose Sport Earbuds vs. AirPods Pro – The Showdown

How do these two very well-designed products match up? We compared them in terms of what really matters.


Both models come with silicone ear tips in three sizes for the perfect fit, so comfort is more down to design. At the outset, the sleeker, low-weight design of the AirPods Pro seems to be an advantage.

It would be, except for one thing – the Bose Sport Earbuds have a fin. This fin keeps them secure when you’re exercising. In this respect, the extra few grams of weight also come in handy because they add stability to the design.

AirPods are more comfortable during a commute, but Bose works better when you’re at the gym. They’re also less likely to fall out when you’re active.

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Apple AirPod Pros on wooden table


Both models are high-end earbuds that are durable and sturdy. Both boast an IPX4 rating, meaning that you can splash them with a bit of water or sweat. Neither would survive a dive into the pool, but they can hold up during light rain.

The primary difference in durability comes down to the case. It’s here that Apple proves a little disappointing. The charging case is sleeker than Bose’s but not water-resistant or as durable. Bose True wireless earbuds win for optimal shock protection and water resistance.

Battery Life

The battery life is pretty much on par for both on a single charge. The AirPods Pro performs slightly worse with a total of 4.5 hours if you use active noise cancellation mode, and it increases to 5 hours if you restrict these features.

However, this is still lower than Bose’s 5.3 hours battery life. Here, Apple falls victim to its success and the larger number of features.

When you include the charging case, the landscape changes somewhat. The AirPod’s charging case holds five charges, giving you around 27 hours of listening time overall. By contrast, the Bose case only holds two charges, giving you a total of approximately 15 hours.

Both models are reasonably quick charging and take a couple of hours to reach capacity. However, only the AirPods have the wireless charge feature, so Apple wins this round. After all, who wants to fuss with a charging cable rather than placing the case on a mat?

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Wireless charging mat with apple airpod pros

Sound Quality

Both models offer a reasonably balanced experience when it comes to sound. However, the Bose earbuds perform better when it comes to bass, and the AirPods are more accurate when it comes to treble.

While both emit a clear and rich sound, the Bose performs slightly better. The added bass won’t impress a basshead, but it will keep them happier than the AirPods.

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Noise Cancellation

If you’re one of those crazy people that use their phones to make calls, the AirPods noise cancellation features come in handy. It also makes them helpful in drowning out the ambient noises on a train during your commute or at the gym.

Bose let us down a little here as there is no noise cancellation feature with their product at all. The earbuds use noise isolation technology that helps, but it’s no match for Apple. However, when you’re focused on your run and just need some music in the background, this doesn’t matter.

Controls and Features

It almost seems like you’re using the force to control your AirPods Pro because they incorporate force sensors into their stems. It’s a straightforward tap-activated system:

  • Tap once to answer a call, play, or pause music
  • Tap twice to fast-forward a track
  • Then tap three times to rewind a track

Activating Siri or the noise cancellation mode takes some getting used to. How to do so depends on your settings in iOS. You start one or the other by holding down the stem sensor, which can make it difficult if you’re working out.

Still, it’s easier than manipulating the Bose buttons. While Bose allows similar functions to Apple, it needs an upgrade in this area. You can use your phone to control these features, but you may need to remove the earbuds to hit the right button if you choose not to. Both options are impractical while you’re working out.

Man holding black wireless earbuds

App Support

Apple’s iOS is nothing if not divisive. People either love it or hate it, and that’s fair enough, considering it is more restrictive than Android. Here the win goes to Bose for sheer versatility.

Apple is capable of pairing with Android phones as well, but you can only use all the features in iOS. The user experience is also better if you pair them with an Apple phone.

Bose has a more generic application and will pair with many devices. In contrast to Apple, the features are limited, but we must wonder how many you actually need. After all, it’s fun to play with switching out the controls and equalizing the sound, but how often will you do that?

The Bose Connect app provides all the features you need for most users. You get an in-app player, battery alert, and a simple timer.

Both apps allow for the tracking of the earbuds. So, if you misplace either set, you should be able to locate them fairly quickly.

When it comes to apps, fewer may be better. Your earbuds are a functional tool built for portability, and you won’t want to spend too much time controlling them through an app anyway.


Love it or hate it, Apple builds high-end devices with top-of-the-line features. One of the reasons the company has such a cult following is that these devices pair with one another flawlessly.

While both sets use Bluetooth, Apple uses a newer version of the software. Even when paired with an Android phone, the connection is unlikely to disconnect, lag, or attract much interference.

You might even say that the AirPods Pro works better with Android devices than many models built specifically for the operating system.

Bose is no different. While it boasts high connectivity rates, it may lag from time to time. In some rare cases, users may feel that the other person is speaking exceptionally slowly. Another disadvantage is that the latency rate makes it a poor companion for gamers.

Connectivity is less of an issue if you’re using the Bose primarily during standard calls and working out. When you’re chasing down a squadron of enemy soldiers and need to call for an airstrike in an online game, time delays will cost you.

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When it comes down to connectivity and the Bose sport earbuds vs. AirPods Pro, the AirPods Pro wins hands down.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect wireless earbuds?

You need to pair them with your device via Bluetooth. Explore our site for more information, or check out the instructions that came with your device.

How do I use wireless earbuds?

Once you have set up the Bluetooth connection, keep them charged and pop them into your ears when you want to use them. How you control the volume, music choice, and so forth depends on the device itself.

For example, with AirPods, you can control the volume on your phone or tell Siri to change it.

Can I answer calls with earbuds?

Yes, if they incorporate a microphone into the design. Both models that we reviewed today have this feature, but keep in mind that talking on the phone will use a lot more battery power.

How can I conserve the battery power of my earbuds?

As with any wireless device, reducing the operating load extends the battery life. For example, switching off the noise cancellation feature of the AirPods Air can give you about half an hour of extra battery life.

What is the minimum length of time I need to charge my earbuds?

You’ll need to charge them for at least 15 minutes to achieve around an hour of usable time.

How do I charge my earbuds?

You don’t charge the earbuds directly but rather place them in their storage case. When they click into place, they draw their charge from the case itself. The case acts as a power backup and holds more than one full charge.

You typically charge the case using a USB cable. With AirPod Pros, you can also use a wireless charging pad.

Can damaging the case cause my earbuds to stop working?

Yes. While the cases are shock-resistant, they’re not impervious to damage. Like your phone, a hard impact can harm the sensitive electronics inside. Your earbuds may not shatter, but if you break the case, you can no longer charge them.

Bose Sport Earbuds vs. AirPods Pro: Which case is better?

The Bose case is larger and heavier but also more rugged. The AirPods Pro case is sleeker in design but seems a little cheap in comparison. The Bose case offers better protection in terms of shock and water resistance.

Is the AirPods Pro more expensive than Bose Sports Earbuds?

They may be a little more expensive, but it’s not a huge difference. You’ll need more than pocket change for either product as they’re in the mid-to-high end price range.

Can I use a generic brand of earbuds with an Apple device?

Yes, but it’s like comparing apples with oranges. They’re both fruit, but only one provides you with that crisp, satisfying crunch. Using an Apple device with your AirPods Pro gives you the best results.

Can I use Bose Sports Earbuds while running?

Yes. They are for use during sports and make a better choice than AirPods Pros here.

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What is the AirPods Pro primary comfort advantage over Bose Sports Earbuds?

AirPods Pro has a channel that allows air to circulate within the ear, preventing the buildup of pressure and can reduce the temperature in the ear canal. While this might not seem significant, it can make a big difference when you have to use the earbuds for long stretches.

Do Bose Earbuds work with Android?

Yes, you may connect them to any compatible Android-based phone as they were initially paired with Samsung smartphones. They may also work with some PCs, although this is not their primary function.

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Will Bose Earbuds work with my iPhone?

Yes, as they connect using Bluetooth, you can use your Bose Earbuds with almost any device.

Will my AirPods Pro work with any device?

Yes, again, as they connect using a Bluetooth connection. However, using a non-Apple operating system limits the number of features you can access.

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Woman with airpod pros


Bose Sport Earbuds vs. AirPods Pro is an interesting comparison to make. Either model makes for a worthwhile investment, so there is no clear winner.

The feature-rich Apple iOS, battery life, and overall efficiency make the AirPods preferable for some users. Active users may instead find the Bose earbuds’ rugged durability and in-ear stability a better match.

Which one is a match made in heaven for you? Let us know, and tell us why.

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