Best Headphones For Binaural Beats

Our recommendation on the best headphones for binaural beats: our top picks based on sound quality, comfort, price, features, and overall value.

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Binaural audio is a superior way of defining how humans usually listen to sounds – ‘bi’ denotes two, and ‘aural’ means your ears. Binaural beats refer to specialized tracks that play distinct frequencies in each ear simultaneously. 

The best headphones for binaural beats cater to each ear with a different frequency making the sound as precise and organic as possible. Here are our top picks based on sound quality, comfort, durability, price, features, and overall value.

How To Choose The Best Binaural Headphones

Here are a few points to contemplate before making the ultimate buying decision to get the best headphones for binaural beats.

Enhancement & Comfort

As a first step, you should take into account the enhancements. As a general rule, you don’t want to use earphones that increase the sound since they might be uncomfortable. As a result, the midrange and bass might be exaggerated to an unnatural degree. 

For this reason, you should look for ones that have a more natural sound. Isn’t the whole point of music to listen to it precisely as it’s made?

You should also consider comfort. Most likely, you’ll be using the headphones for an extended period, so you’ll want them to be as comfortable as possible. 


Binaural beats require clarity and an ambiance of contemplative quiet. Noise-canceling technology can block undesirable sounds from the outside. The audio frequency isn’t affected by outside noise, and you’ll enjoy the highest level of clarity and acoustic perfection.

Wireless & Cup Design

The finest headphones for sleeping should be wireless and lightweight headphones that don’t interfere with sleep or wake you up. 

There are two types of headphones: closed-back and open-back. Look for closed-back headphones since they have the least amount of sound leaking.

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What Are The Benefits Of Binaural Headphones?

  • Binaural beats are mostly used to improve brain function. 
  • It can help with sleep, concentration, meditation, and even lucid dreaming.
  • Binaural beats use sounds to put your mind in the right mental state. By creating certain waves, they can do this. So, alpha waves assist you in studying more effectively since they enhance your attentiveness.

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Why Do Binaural Beats Need Headphones? 

Binaural beats contribute to Brainwave Entrainment methods that stimulate your brain to enter a state of mind using light, sound, and electromagnetic fields. There are five types of frequencies for brainwave:  

  • Delta (0.1Hz to 3.9Hz)
  • Theta (4Hz to 7.9Hz)
  • Alpha (8Hz to 13.9Hz)
  • Beta (14Hz to 31.9Hz) 
  • Gamma (32Hz to 100Hz)

These five frequencies need to be in-tune for the ultimate state of meditation and calm. This is why binaural beats require high-quality and specialized headphones to play them.

Do Binaural Beats Work Better With Headphones?

Binaural beats require a good pair of headphones. They function by creating two tones that are heard in the right and left ears. This causes your brain to create a third tone. If you don’t have headphones, you won’t hear the tones distinctly in each ear. 

Ideally, you’d like your headphones to reproduce the sound without boosting it. You can listen to binaural beats with headphones that have a frequency response of 20hz to 20khz.

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Where Can I Hear Binaural Audio?

You can hear binaural audio in various spatial sound Planet Earth II videos on YouTube. Many specialized VR videos also have binaural audio with sounds coming from different corners. More commonly, you can choose from plenty of binaural ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos on YouTube.

If you’re in search of specific tracks by known music producers, then you can check out the works of known artists like Beck and Imogen Heap, Lou Reed, and many others. Some TV series and movies available on OTT platforms also feature binaural beats. 

Precautions For Using Binaural Headphones

Binaural beats pose no recognized health risks. They are as safe to listen to as any other type of music. However, certain groups of people  should avoid using them: 

  • People who suffer from seizures 
  • People with heart conditions or with a pacemaker
  • People who operate machines
  • Pregnant women and children
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5 Best Headphones For Binaural Beats

If you search the internet for the best headphones for binaural beats, it will bombard you with thousands of suggestions. We’ve taken on the burden for you, conducted extensive research, and reviewed each pair of headphones. 

We narrowed our selection down to the 5 best headphones for binaural beats below. 


Bose’s Bluetooth headphones feature a voice assistant, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), and Bose AR. You can use them in both wired and wireless modes. 

Your ears will be able to focus on the binaural beats while you immerse yourself in meditating or work on a project. You can access more binaural files via apps and the voice assistance of Alexa. 

Featuring a plastic headband and earcups, the Bose QuietComfort 35 II sports a minimalistic design. A padded headband and cup ensure a comfortable fit around the head and ears. 

You can access all the high-end features with an Action button. The same button allows control over noise reduction intensity – low, high, and off. You are neither secluded nor anti-social despite the three degrees of noise suppression. You can also use Bose Connect app to control the sound, select music, and make phone calls. 

These headphones bundle an audio cable, a charging cable, an adapter, and a carrying case out-of-the-box. It can last for up to 20 hours in wireless mode.

  • Refined noise-cancellation
  • Clear voice calls
  • Chic design
  • Build quality does not feel as premium
  • Pricey


AcousticSheep SleepPhones are available in two configurations: wired and wireless. These headphones come in different options to fit different head sizes – Small, Medium, and Large.

Wireless connectivity makes them even more convenient to use daily. These are among the finest on the market for binaural beats and calming activities like sleeping, ASMR, meditation, and more. 

A complete charge of the battery takes only 3 hours. Integrated within the external fabric, the speakers are very tiny. As a result, they form a great combination for resting on one side while listening to calming music.

There’s no compromise on sound quality, and the headband can filter out a small amount of ambient noise as well. When you combine all of these minor details, you get an exemplary device for listening to relaxing sounds like binaural beats.

  • You can sleep in any position with ease
  • Sound controls integrated into the headband
  • Ventilated fabric
  • Lacks active noise cancellation
  • Not a budget-friendly option


These are wired headphones with a 250 Ohm impedance. They feature a closed-back cup design and are intended for professional use. 

Audiophiles will be amazed by the quality and intensity of the Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO headphones. All thanks to their superior acoustic quality and High-Fidelity sound. That’s why they’re so good at listening to music. They offer a clear and defined ultra-low bass. Their spatial responsiveness and sound seclusion are likewise exceptional.

Each pair comes with a sturdy headband for a convenient and safe fit. Because the earcups are comfortable and adaptable, you can wear them for hours. A single wire on the side prevents tangles and obstructions. 

The headband is made of spring steel, and earcups are comfortable and adjustable. During extended sessions, you won’t even realize their weight. These headphones have a flat design, so they transmit sound exactly as it originates. Meaning the whole spectrum of binaural beats will be audible with this headset.

  • Durable build quality
  • High-end sound quality
  • Comfortable
  • Hefty design
  • Sounds leak at peak volume


There’s a lot to like about the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. The curved circumaural structure absorbs sound in loud environments. You’ll enjoy crystal clear sound with this headset’s exceptional sound quality. The bass sounds tight, and the frequency range is vast. The earcups have ample padding to reduce noise transmission through them.

The copper-clad aluminum coils make these headphones sensitive thus ideal for any genre of music. You will hear crisp vocals and a range of music with immense clarity through 15 – 28000 Hertz.

You’ll hear sharp vocals and a broad spectrum of music with incredible clarity. In addition to the deep bass response, these headphones produce an exceptionally clear sound. 

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x features molded padding around the ears and a circumaural design. As a result, they can effectively isolate the sound in a variety of settings. Because the headphones have a detachable cord, you can use them without having to worry about tangling. 

In the studio or on the road, Audio-ATH-M50x Technica’s is a great choice. One can use the 90-degree rotating ear cups for one-ear tracking. You can definitely meditate with binaural beats with these headphones. 

  • Strong bass
  • Effective stereo imaging and separation
  • Although strong, the bass level can sometimes go overboard
  • Plastic build


The Samson SR950 is a highlight for budget buyers. Samson’s “professional studio reference headphone” looks pretty standard but delivers high-quality sound performance that can come in handy for binaural beats. 

They feature a closed-back cup design that self-adjusts over time. The padding is not heavy but manages to offer a decent fit and comfort around the head and ears. The frequency response ranges between 10Hz to 25kHz, with a 32-ohm impedance that makes the overall sound output quite sensitive and fitting for binaural beats. 

The Samson SR950 might not sound great off the bat, but the quality and consistency managed to make a mark with prolonged use. Even though Samson SR950 is a budget pick, it delivers accurate stereo imaging and scale. The bass is deep, and the treble output is crisp that provides high-quality sound. 

Overall, the Samson SR950 headphones make for a good buy in the budget segment.

  • Budget pricing
  • Decent frequency range
  • Cheap build quality
  • Limited features


The goal of binaural beats is to induce brainwave entrainment so you may truly go into a meditative state. If you’re looking for something to help you relax and unwind, or improve your stance as you meditate, then binaural beat headphones might be the answer. 

As you can gauge from our list, the Bose QuietComfort 35 II turns out to be the best headphones for binaural beats

However, if your primary purpose is to get binaural headphones to help you sleep, you should consider AcousticSheep Bluetooth SleepPhones. They are specifically made for that and have a supporting design. If budget issues heavily strike you, then Samson SR950 makes for a decent and affordable buy

We hope this article gave you insight into choosing the best headphones for binaural beats. We hope this helps you achieve a more relaxed mind!