5 Best Earphones For Swimming Like A Champion

Double fun. As far as it is achievable everyone would love to listen to his favourite playlist, podcasts or audiobook while swimming. However, the available wide choices may land you scratching your head wondering which will not turn into a junk while you are exploring into deeper depths. Based on our research, only the best earphones for swimming can make the cut.

I have therefore reviewed the top-rated and reviewed earphones that won’t frustrate you in your next swimming session. I hope you find your swimming buddy.

Best Earphones for Swimming Reviews

1.AfterShokz Xtrainerz Wireless Sports Earphone

Best Earphones for Swimming


A great choice that considers wide factors and accommodates them comfortably. Even if you have to put your hearing aids on this earphone makes that very simple and also comfortable.

Key features

4 GB in-built storage.
IP68 rated.

8 undisturbed hours of play

While underwater, you really won’t love an earphone set that will drain charge within the next 20 minutes. It will make your swimming less enjoyable than your expectations.

With the latest Aftershokz earphones your swimming session is made more enjoyable by offering 8 hours of continuous play. You won’t have to pull out of the water every time your favourite songs come in just to be cut short by a low battery beep.

Comfortable and secure

Have you ever had a pair that nudges your ear every time you put it on? You end up getting more annoyed more than cheering during the session. While design this earphone, your comfortability was very much considered.

It is pain-free and bud-free hence keeping the earphones in position stroke after stroke. You don’t have to keep adjusting its position or fear to lose in the water as it perfectly fits and stays in position.

100% watertight

Whilst you need some extra fun while underwater a completely waterproofed earphone increases the entertainment. This model ensures that not even a drop of water finds its way to your ear. Diving up to 2 metres deep for 2 hours will leave your set undamaged.

4 GB memory

No matter how cool the song is, I too won’t prefer to listen to one song repeatedly for 2 swimming hours. Aftershokz Xtrainez is equipped with sufficient storage to accommodate up to 1,200 songs. This space will accommodate all your favourite songs, podcasts and audiobooks hence you can leave your phone behind. All you need to worry about is getting carried by the songs that you forget you were underwater.


Racks and keeps your progress.
Still maintains good sound quality even if you don’t have your swimming cap on.
Can be used for running too.


No noise cancellation
Bluetooth incompatible

2.Hydroactive Short Cord Waterproof Earphones

Best Earphones for Swimming


Keeping the good quality audio, Hydroactive Short Cord Waterproof Earphones has increased the watertight features by having extra protection chambers to the latest version.  With this careful advancement, you get to hear clear and unmuffled voices for the longest swimming hours.

Its unique funnel form provides an air path between the sound and your ear. The patented design will keep your music uninterrupted and earphones free from water internally. Each set ships with 11 various earbud tips in 4 forms. Every form is made to fit different ears for diverse events. You will always find your ear size.

In case you are a runner too, this set can be a cool fit for you or while cycling, surfing or wakeboarding.

Key features

Multiple protection chambers.
IPX8 water standards.
Durable design.

Effective for up to 3 metres dive

You ought not to worry about your set getting clogged in case you are pitching deeper. The incredible conditions set for this unit enables you to go deeper while still maintaining its performance even at such deep depths.

Long-lasting construction

Whenever you hear of a solid construction it is mostly another assurance that the product will serve you for ages. This aids you save time and your cash from going in search of a better earphone every time you trash your recent one.  Hydroactive pair is strongly equipped with robust plastic casing and cables strengthened with synthetic fibre. This enables it to withstand the continuous drag that the water throws at it.

Wide range of compatible devices
The only requirement you need for this is a 3.55 mm jack device. It will then save you from buying earphones for every of your device. For your SYRYN, delphin, iPod you can count on this earphone pair.

Variety earphone styles

We all got different tastes and preferences, even if it based on the products general look, we all somehow get choosy. Hydroactive set offers you diverse earbud styles to let you choose what best fits you. Starting with ergo tips, tree tips, fin tips and round tips you can comfortably purchase the version which will save you from unnecessary adjustments while submerged.


Multiple earbud tips choices.
Compatible to 3.5 mm jack devices.
Heavy-material made to last long.


Not Bluetooth compatible.
No memory storage.

3. Swimbuds Sports Earphones and 8 GB SYRYN Waterproof MP3 Player

Best Earphones for Swimming


Having the countless waterproof choices on your table, Swimbuds waterproof earphone puts a stiff competition to other brands. Designed with durability and effectiveness in mind, this set relieves you from most of your swimming blues.

Key features.
SYRYN watertight mp3 player.
8 GB storage memory
Optional shuffle.
Compatible with mac and windows system.

Up to 10 feet (ca. 3 m) dive.
It all goes way to fun when the diving limits are way deeper. The pair lets you explore more depths without the fear of losing the set or it gets water clogged. You really won’t appreciate a sudden terrifying quietness while you’re at such depths. Swimbuds keeps your entertained and aids you free yourself from the day’s tiredness at such depths.

8 GB memory.
Accommodating up to 2,000 songs, you can download every song, audiobook or podcasts no matter how long it is. You don’t have to delete your songs every time you need a new playlist. It will also save you from getting off the water when your playlist ends. Get more fun while diving with a continuous playlist that will go on for hours.

Variety earbuds tip sizes and forms.
It doesn’t matter how small or large your ear is, this earphone got you covered. Whether you prefer a fin, tree, fin, mushroom-like tips, the choice is all yours. With such a wide variety, it enables you to choose what feels more comfortable to you.

8 GB storage.
Unaffected even at 10 feet (ca. 3 m) underwater.
Different earbuds tips choices.
Clear sound for up to 2 hours session.
Tracks and stores progress.

Not Bluetooth compatible.

4.Happy Island Beker Swimming MP3

Best Earphones for Swimming


With its recent arrival in the market, Happy Island Beker Swimming MP3 has already been the pride to many. From a user-friendly design, Beker keeps the sound quality great even while submerged. Its optimal bass path keeps you from disturbing those even a metre away from you.
It aids you to stay uninterrupted and keep off boredom hence allowing you to swim harder and yield more results.

Key features

  • Unique magnetic watertight USB connector
  • 8 GB storage
  • Operating temperature between 0oc to 400c
  • Allows dive up to 3 metres deep
8 swimming hours after charging

Even if you plan to swim for half of the day, Beker completely backs you up. From a single charge, this pair keeps on up to the last second of your activity. It saves you from frequent charging since the remaining charge from the previous charge can sufficiently cover you in the next swimming hours.

8 GB storage

Are you worried about downloading your favourite long audiobook? This earphone allows you to take down with you the fun you always want to keep around. Its 8 GB memory takes room for more than a thousand songs.

1.2 ounces (ca. ca. 45 g) weighing

That definitely makes Beker ultra-light to even forget you had it on if not for the sound coming out of it. Being such weight, it enables you to twist your head without feeling the pain from the bulkiness that limits your head movements.


Sufficient storage to accommodate up to 2,000 songs.
Long hours lasting battery.
Super lightweight.


Charging overnight may make it less durable.


Best Earphones for Swimming

Sony and its dominance in providing quality devices never miss a rank among the top best devices. It is a common saying that every Sony products rule every market in a certain way. With its Walkman unit, it hits among the top best waterproof earphone for every swimmer.

The unique feature about SONY NW-WS625 B Integrated Type WATERPROOF WALKMAN its ability to prevent dust. It being both waterproof and dustproof, it becomes quite suitable for use even when not submerged.

Key features

  • Bluetooth compatible.
  • 16 GB memory.
  • 10 hours lasting battery.
  • Saltwater and extreme conditions tolerant.
2 metres submersion

Do you ever wish to dare your swimming skills while you carry your playlist all down there? This could be your perfect fit. For up to 2 metres dive, Walkman keeps you more entertained and motivates you even to advance your skills.

Tolerant to extreme temperatures

Ranging from -5 to 45 degrees the pair allows you to dive into freezing waters. If your health is fit, this earphone sets no limit.

Saltwater friendly

It doesn’t matter how saline your swimming waters are, Walkman conquers any effects thrown to it. It keeps going and last longs even after using it frequently in extra salty waters.


10 hours of continuous playing.
Saltwater tolerant.
In-built 16 GB storage to accommodate your files.


Not Bluetooth compatible while underwater.
Sound quality isn’t that good.

Buying Guide

Even with the additional great features, there are key features that you need to deeply look into before purchasing your swimming partner. Besides it being waterproof these are some other factors that should tag along.

Audio performance

Whether you love waterproof earphones from a certain brand, the sound quality is a factor to review. This, however, is dependent on your preferences. All in all, make sure you get a pair that will deliver good quality audio.

Battery life

It will be so frustrating if your earphones beep low battery even after barely hitting 30 minutes since you dived. For prolonged fun, a long-lasting battery earphone is a must buy.


In case you prefer a cordless earphone, going for multiple compatible sets is more recommendable. For a Bluetooth device rated minimum 4 is better as it offers a more solid and sturdy connection with your device.

The maximum depth

Do you plan on diving to deeper depths or just keeping close to the water surface? This will be a core consideration so that you don’t end up wishing for your dimes back because your pair got useless after one dive. It is advisable to go for an earphone that will survive your swimming depths. You really don’t have to try your set with the unrecommended depths.

Drumrolls on Best Earphones For Swimming

Swimming is fun. It is, however, more fun when you take your favourite playlists to much deeper depths. With our detailed review, our no 1 recommendation will be the AfterShokz Xtrainerz Wireless Sports Earphone with 8 hours playtime and a free play cap.

However, if you are on a budget and need a waterproof mp3 player, you may like to consider the Swimbuds Sports Earphones and 8 GB SYRYN Waterproof MP3 Player set. However do note that the playtime will be only for 2 hours.

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