Best Bookshelf Speakers For Home Music

Confused about what speakers are the best bookshelf speakers for home music? Bookshelf speakers are specially designed to maximise sound in small to medium-sized spaces and they are meant to rest on elevated surfaces.

In fact, bookshelf speakers are designed to sit anywhere but on the floor. Bookshelf speakers can rest on tables, shelves or any raised surface and are perfect for providing high quality sounds.

Guide to choosing Best Bookshelf Speakers For Home Music

Many models provide sounds that are as good as those provided by iPods and so on. Different bookshelf speakers are designed for different purposes. For example, some are better for movie viewing while others are preferable for music lovers.

As with any other product, it’s best to do your homework and research the best products on the market before putting your money on the line.

Many consumers, for example, get confused between bookshelf speakers and powered monitors due to similar size, aesthetics and sound quality. If you’re not an audio geek, then you may need to be familiar with a few basic terms before you read up on the best bookshelf speakers in the Australian market.

For instance, the lower the Hertz response, the heavier the bass. The watts power, for example, is important when it comes to matching your speakers with appropriate amplifiers.

Basic bookshelf speakers typically come with two woofers that enhance bass and two tweeters that amplify high-frequency sounds. Music or movies usually involve a mix of bass and high frequency sounds so you’re looking for speakers that provide a high-quality mix of both.

There are some bookshelf products that come with three speakers; these are able to provide a better sound range. Moreover, bookshelf speakers are a good option for those with young children who may run around and bump into speakers on the floor.

There are four essential factors that should influence your choices:

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Versatility/connectivity
  • Price

You need to position bookshelf speakers for the best sounds. For example, you can invest in speaker stands or place them on a platform that is at ear-level for the best tone.

Experts recommend that you should position bookshelf in the 10 o’ clock and 2o’clock position and slightly facing each other for the best sound effects.

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Best Budget Bookshelf Speakers

Let’s take a closer look at the Best Budget Bookshelf Speakers in the market and you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Bookshelf Speakers from Polk Studio T15

If you’re looking for durability, performance and quality, the Bookshelf Speakers from Polk Studio T15 may be just right you!

Built of composite materials, the baffle is sturdy and durable and the cab is built into the front and not in the back like most other models. The product comes in a sleek black and fits in snugly onto any bookshelf or elevated space.

The best part is that the Polk Studio T15 comes with a 5.34- inch composite polymer driver which nearly pits it in the woofer range. This is quite a bargain considering the price and the diameter length is not so common in the bookshelf speaker range.

On top of that, consumers get a 100 Watts power in total (50 Watts from each speaker). Moreover, the speakers come with magnetic shielding that means that along with using them as bookshelf speakers, you can also use them as a media surround sound system.

Additionally, the magnetic shielding also helps reduce distortion from other video and audio sources in the vicinity. Built-in with a 0.75- inch tweeter, the speakers provide high-quality trebles. It also has rubberised drivers that are built for durability while providing wide dispersion at the same time.

The sonically synced speakers are designed to work in a synergistic manner with each other. Designed with just the right dimensions of 10.63”x6.5”x7.25”, the Polk Studio T15 Bookshelf Speakers are also fitted with a keyhole slot at the back so you can hang them up vertically.

Key Features

  • High quality performance in an affordable price range
  • Versatile product that maximises sound quality especially in smaller to medium spaces
  • Good value for money – you get high audio fidelity for an entry level price

Edifier R1280T 2.0 Active Near Field Monitors Speakers

Built with a rich wood veneer with a matte metallic top finish, the Edifier R1280T Bookshelf Speakers are aesthetic and chic and look snug on any bookshelf, table or wall- mount.

The product comes with the signature Edifier design that consists of two tones and renders on the front and sides along with features fitted on the rear.

They are built with a dual sound input which means they are ideal for connections to stereos or PCs as you can connect multiple sound sources simultaneously.

The product dimensions are 9.2”x5.7”x7.7” and the removable grilles are covered with grey fabric.  The Edifier R1280T Bookshelf Speakers also has two 4-inch woofers and a 13mm silk dome tweeter plus a dome that helps adjust air for more efficient performance.

The left speaker is powered by the right one through a detachable cable that comes with the model and you can also the remote control to adjust the volume or mute the speakers.

In fact, you can personalise your sound experience by adjusting the bass, trebles and volume controls. The product also comes fitted with a tone control knob on the side of the active speaker.

You also have the option to make bass and treble adjustments up to -6 to +6 decibels. You can easily connect the Edifier R1280T Bookshelf Speakers to your laptop, PC, phone or stereo and enjoy the same sound quality.

To sum it up, the Edifier R1280T Bookshelf Speakers is built with a retro look designed for rich, bass notes with definition and depth.

Key Features

  • High sound quality backed by precise control
  • Aesthetic and rich design
  • Produces a seamless mix of adjustable bass and treble sounds

Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $200

Dual Electronics  Indoor-Outdoor Speaker 

Although this is the new popular outdoor/all-weather model from Dual Electronics boasts higher power specs and improved durability, they are inexpensively priced.

The Dual Electronics LU43P-LU53P Indoor-Outdoor Speakers are designed to provide high audio fidelity in interior as well as exterior environments. You can place the speakers in your room or in the patio area on either side of the receiver or in different corners for enhanced surround sound effect. In fact, you can use them to enrich your multimedia experience or as remote speakers too.

The speakers offer an impressive power output sound of 100 Watts that make them perfect for poolside parties and picnics. The products measure roughly 5.25×5.25×7.25 inches (LU43P) and 7.25×7.25×10.13 inches (LU53P) and weigh 2.2 lbs. (LU43P) and 4.4 lbs. (LU53P).

Speaking of dimensions, although the speakers are quite large, they are lightweight and both series come with swivelling C brackets. This is particularly useful when you want to mount the speakers and turn them to where you want to point the sound.

One more important benefit is that Dual Electronics LU43P-LU53P Indoor-Outdoor Speakers offer 50% operating power of peak power. The truth is that most speakers operate at roughly 25-30% of peak power so this is a bonus.

The speakers for durability and outdoor speakers will need to be resistant to rain, snow, heat and so on. The Dual Electronics LU43P-LU53P series is fairly priced considering other products offering equivalent specs. You can use the keyhole slots on the LU43P or the two brass inserts for wall or ceiling mounting as you please.

Key Features

  • 20 mm tweeters ensure clear, crisp trebles
  • Enhanced flexibility with regard to speaker placement
  • High level of durability due to the lightweight polypropylene
  • Enhanced sound quality thanks to the 4- inch woofer, ¾-inch tweeter and the 1-inch midrange polypropylene cone

Bookshelf Speakers from Klipsch R-15M

Popular for its reliable sound quality and power for its small size, the bookshelf speakers from Klipsch R-15M Bookshelf Speaker is making its presence felt in the bookshelf speaker market.

The product performs well when positioned on the sides or centre of the room or when used as surround sound. When you invest in Klipsch R-15M, you can enjoy an enhanced sound experience without using up too much space in your room.

The brushed black and copper polymer veneer gives the Klipsch R-15M Bookshelf Speaker a sleek and classy finish. On top of that, the proprietary 90 x 90 Tractrix Horn technology and aluminium tweeters help the speakers produce greater extensions and impressive high response.

Consumers are able to enjoy a clearer and more natural sound. That’s not all; the LTS (Linear Travel Suspension) helps reduce distortion to provide detailed, enhanced performance.

Moreover, the IMG (Injection Moulded Graphite) technology helps improve low-frequency response which results in improved sound for bass enhancement. The IMG and LTS work together to make the Klipsch R-15M Bookshelf Speakers a class apart in terms of efficiency.

The rear-firing port is designed to match seamlessly with cabinets and drivers and the five-way binding posts maximise connectivity.

Key Features

  • Sleek and classy design
  • Reliable sound quality and power
  • Maximise connectivity

Bookshelf Speakers from Micca (COVO-S Compact 2-Way)

If you’re looking for great sound in a small package, this could be just the product for you! The unbelievably good audio quality belies its compact size and the sleek finish allows it to be a snug fit in any room décor.

The superior audio performance results from crossover construction, enclosure tuning and the use of sophisticated drivers. The tweeter design and concentric woofer maintain performance and coherency through the crossover point.

The Micca COVO-S (Compact 2-Way) Speakers are built with ported enclosure design and provide a warm, rich signature audio quality. The unique and patented curved design of the woofer cone results in enhanced sound dispersion.

With an expert crossover range at 6dB/octave, it helps to facilitate smooth crossover between the tweeter and the woofer.

Given the compact dimensions of the speakers, it can give best results when used in a small or medium-sized space. It also contains a 3-inch wool paper woofer mounted with a ¾ inch dome tweeter.

Additionally to their traditional use as bookshelf speakers, the MICCA bookshelf speakers can be used in other ways too. For example, they make excellent replacement TV speakers or even as secondary sound system speakers for your den, office, bedroom or kitchen.

These speakers are a good choice for making office presentations etc.  You can consider using them for your business meetings or desktop speakers along with your computer.

Key Features

  • The product is very small and budget-friendly but punches above its weight in terms of audio quality
  • The superior engineering and acoustical technology for exceptional performance
  • Improved versatility and usage

Drumrolls for Best Bookshelf Speakers For Home Music

Based on our research and above reviews from real users, our no1 recommendation would be the Klipsch R-15M Bookshelf Speaker for its high-quality sound and sleek design.  Alternatively, we recommend the Micca COVO-S (Compact 2-Way) Speakers if you have limited space to place your bookshelf speakers and still want an exceptional performance speaker.

Bookshelf speakers are a good addition in any modern home. You can use them for watching TV, movies, games or listening to music. A quality set of speakers can enhance your multimedia and entrainment experience.

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