Are Magnetic Earbuds Safe

There has been a lot of rumors about the dangers of magnetic earbuds. Whether it’s the magnetic driver or the magnetic design, for some it’s a big concern. Is this concern warranted though? The rumors may have left you worried, and I don’t want my readers to be worried. So, today we’ll be answering: Are magnetic earbuds safe?

All earbuds and headphones have magnets in them. Earbuds use magnets to convert energy. There has been no evidence that the magnetic field is dangerous for humans.

The answer may be that simple but there’s more to it. Let’s dig in.

Why Do Earbuds Use Magnets

Earbuds and headphones have been using magnets for their drivers since I can remember. It’s the most efficient way to convert audio signals into sound waves. Hence, all earbuds use magnets.

Magnets are used for other things besides the drivers though. There is the magnetic earpiece which is mostly used on movie sets. And, there is the Bluetooth earbud with short wires which use magnets to prevent tangling.

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Magnets in Earbud Drivers

Magnets in Earbud Drivers


The music you are listening to, the movies you are watching are only audio signals for your earbuds. The thing is, you can’t hear audio signals. They need to be converted into sound waves that your ear can listen to.

How do earbuds convert audio signals into sound waves? The answer is magnets. Think of it like this: earbud drivers convert electrical energy into magnetic waves.

The audio signals travel through a diaphragm. For the signals to become waves, the diaphragm needs to vibrate. That is possible only by a permanent magnetic field that pulls and pushes the diaphragm.

There are other types of dynamic drivers but they also use magnets. The planar magnetic, and balanced armature drivers.

Magnetic Earpiece

In some situations, it shouldn’t be obvious that a person is wearing earbuds. Like in movies where lines are read to the actor through the earbud.

We can make earbuds like this with magnets. These are the earbuds that are really small and are attached closely to the eardrum.

You can’t find earbuds like these for commercial use, I believe they are quite expensive too.

Earbuds With Magnetic Design

I think most of you are familiar with earbuds like this. Magnets were the way to get rid of tangled wires before the fully wireless earbud was available.

Some earbuds are wireless but still use wires for connecting the earbuds with each other. This kind of earbuds has a magnet along the wires. Because of the magnet, the wires are pushed apart and can’t get tangled.

So, can the magnets be dangerous for you?

How Safe Are Magnetic Earbuds

To understand the answer to this question we have to talk about why some think that magnetic earbuds are dangerous.

This all started with some people saying that there isn’t any evidence that magnetic earbuds are safe. But the same can be said for the opposite argument. There isn’t any proof that magnetic earbuds are dangerous.

Consider how many years earbuds and headphones have been around. The magnetic drivers have been around for quite some time. So, if there was something dangerous, earbuds and headphones users would have noticed.

It’s just a rumor, that’s all. You can’t state something without providing proof or evidence. Otherwise, you will commit a logical fallacy. Arguing that magnetic earbuds are not safe because there isn’t any evidence for them being safe is absurd.

So, magnetic earbuds are safe. Don’t believe anyone who says otherwise unless he gives you a proof. Scientists haven’t been able to find anything.

While exposure to strong magnetic fields can be dangerous, the magnetic field in earbuds is really weak. It’s not even comparable to the level which is not safe for humans.

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What To Look Out For

Magnetic earbuds are safe but if you use them recklessly side effects will appear. Like everything in life, there is a correct way of using and an incorrect way.

I don’t want to scare you or anything. Most of you know how to use earbuds without experiencing hearing damage. Just in case, I’ll explain.

Listening With High Volume

Listening With High Volume

Earbuds are mainly dangerous when you are listening with the volume cranked up. High volume means that there is pressure to your ears which can be bad for you.

Relatively new devices warn you when the volume is too high. I’m sure your smartphone has warned you at least once because of the high volume.

Using earbuds with high volume can damage your hearing or eardrum. While anything below 10-20 minutes is not that dangerous. Extended and repeated listening with high volume will surely result in hearing damage.

Using Earbuds For Long Time Periods

Just as the volume level matters, the listening time period matters too. The lower the volume, the more you can use your earbuds.

However, even on low volume, the earbud can be dangerous for you if you use them for more than 5-6 hours. You can find a detailed listing of how much can you listen to at a certain volume level. I recommend you look that up.

Related Questions And FAQs

Which Is Safer Earbuds Or Headphones

Headphones are safer than earbuds because they are not that close to the eardrum. Earbuds are really close to the eardrum. Headphones are farther away, so the high volume falls down with the traveling distance.

Are There Any Earbuds That Don’t Use Magnets

While you can find nearly anything online, magnets are a must with earbuds and headphones. The driver with magnets was introduced decades ago, and they have been used ever since.


To sum it up, magnetic earbuds are safe. Whether it’s the magnets in the driver, magnets in the wire, or the magnetic earpiece, they are all safe. That is, as long as you pay attention to the volume.

The magnetic field produced by earbuds is really weak so it doesn’t affect you in the slightest. After all, we’re all walking on a magnetic field produced by the Earth.

Here, we end this, folks. I hope you find the answer you’re looking for. Listen with reasonable volumes and you’ll be safe.

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