Are Beats By Dre Headphones Worth It

Beats headphones came out in 2008 and soon became the most popular headphones. By 2010, both rappers and average users started using them. However, it’s hard to find Beats users nowadays, companies like Sony, Bose, and JBL dominate the market. Nowadays, Are Beats by Dre Headphones Worth It?

So, why did Beats lose their fame? Is it because of negative reviews? Did dominant companies started making better products or just used better marketing? Does the price play a part in the recent changes?

If you’re wanted to buy Beats headphones, but the price got you thinking, you’re in the right place.

Why Beats Headphones Are Bad

If you’re a headphones fanatic, you may have seen the angry users who are dissatisfied with Beats headphones. Usually, they complain about two things, the price and the sound quality.

Why beats headphones are bad

Now, the way Beats by Dre became so successful is great branding. Since they came out, Dre was the face of the product and HTC was supporting him. Because of Dre’s contacts in the celebrity world, many famous rappers supported Beats.

This led to many fans joining in the trend. Gradually even those that didn’t know anything about Dre started using Beats headphones. Soon enough Beats headphones were the number one accessory, even magazines wrote about it.

Because of successful branding, Beats headphones came out with an expensive price. The price didn’t fall with newer models, Beats headphones are still expensive. After all, if celebrities use these headphones, they can’t have an average price.

However, as is the case with any trend, people get tired of it after a while. Soon enough users got tired of the steep prices and started asking questions. Are they really worth it.

While Beats headphones enjoyed their fame, other companies were investing in new technology. Beats by Dre being comfortable with their product didn’t follow in the footsteps until 2016.

So, companies like Sony and JBL offered products with tremendous quality for a reasonable price. Of course, users will complain about the price of Beats headphones.

Now, the price wouldn’t be a problem if the product was really good. It’s unreasonable to complain about the price of the new Mac when it offers that much. However, this isn’t the case with Beats headphones.

The sound quality is really average. You can’t condemn users for wanting more. I’m sure that you noticed the distorted noise if you’ve 7sed Beats headphones before. Also, they are really bass centered, so that makes the sound quality even worse.

There are some professionals who dislike Beats headphones because they don’t offer anything for musicians. We’ll talk about this in a while.

So, now you know why Beats by Dre met with negative comments. However, they are not as bad as described, let’s see what they offer.

Are Beats Worth It Reddit

Are Beats Worth It Reddit
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Despite the negative reviews, Beats headphones are still alive. In 2014 they struck a deal with Apple and some users still prefer them over other models.

Of course, there must be a reason why people still use Beats headphones. However, rappers stopped using them altogether.

First of all, we must admit that Beats headphones look really good. The design is really unique, it gives off an aesthetic feeling that everyone likes.

While companies introduced new technology, they also somewhat copied the design of Beats headphones. Of course, there are some original looking models, but companies mainly followed in Beats footsteps.

So, users like Beats headphones because they offer a certain style. Those that recognize with that style prefer Beats headphones. The sound doesn’t matter, it’s the looks that are important.

Now, Beats are most often used by Apple users. iOS offers something that Android doesn’t have. Also, I mentioned above that Beats by Dre struck a deal with Apple in 2014.

So, why are Beats headphones best when paired up with an iPhone. The simple answer is, Apple products have a batter sound chip than other products.

When paired up with an iPhone, Beats headphones provide good sound quality. The reason why Beats headphones have poor sound quality is that they aren’t used with an iOS device.

iPhones use Bluetooth ACC which works really well with Beats headphones. The bass doesn’t sound bad at all and you won’t hear distorting noises.

Some users really like Beats headphones because of the noise-canceling feature. Of course, other headphones have this option too. However, some say Beats headphones provide the best noise-canceling.

Best Beats Headphones

After all this information the question is still open, are Beats headphones worth it?

Let’s see a Beats model that I recommend.

Best Beats Headphones

So, the Beats Solo Pro is one of the best Beats headphones. Of course, they are expensive, but if you’ve decided on Beats headphones, the price is normally not the problem.

Really good battery life, 40 hours before headphones need recharging, that’s pretty good. I know you like headphones with noise-canceling, Beats Solo Pro has that option. These are wireless headphones, pairing via Bluetooth, I think wires nowadays are not preferred.

Really good sound quality, of course, if paired with an iPhone. I really like how comforting they can be, one of the best feels for over-ear headphones. Also, the design is pretty amazing, minimalistic with 6 simple colors to choose from.

So, that’s it folks, hope I helped you. Good luck with your Beats headphones.


Basically, it comes down to personal preference when choosing suitable headphones. Of course, only if you can afford Beats headphones without eating only instant noodles for the next 2 months.

Beats headphones are specifically made for listening to one genre of music. That’s what I was talking about before. Professionals were complaining that besides hip hop, Beats headphones are useless.

So, if you own an iPhone, and you are a hip hop fan, Beats headphones come highly recommended. Also, they will give you the style you are looking for.

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