5 Best Headphones For Kids To Protect Their Ears

Need help entertaining the kids, whilst doing it safely? Check out the best headphones for kids that help protect their ears!

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When it comes to technology, kids are not left behind. They also need entertainment gadgets such as headphones for watching cartoons, playing video games, listening to music, and studying online.

But when it comes to buying headphones for your little ones, you have to consider their safety. Kids have not only small ears but also very delicate eardrums, and you need to consider this when buying the buds.

Apart from the safety concerns, you have to consider sudden features the right size, attractive colors, performance, connectivity, etc. So, how do you find great headphones for kids? Let’s find out more about that below.

Headphones for Kids: Buying Guide

Should you Buy a Wired or Wireless?

Buying a kid a wireless headphone is the right decision, especially if you have toddlers. This is because kids are very playful, and having cables hanging around their necks can cause safety threats. The wires can also tangle easily and get damaged within no time.

Wireless headphones easily connect with Bluetooth to any of your devices. They then allow the kids to play at least 100 meters away from the main device.

Volume Setting

Most kids’ headphones are designed with a volume limiter. Health experts believe that lot of exposure to headphones without a volume limiter may lead to hearing damage in children. Therefore, before you bring home a headphone for your kid, ensure it only reaches a maximum of 80-85 decibels.

You can slightly exceed up to 90 decibels when in a noisy environment such as big tows, airplanes, busy streets, etc. The point here is to safeguard your kid’s hearing ability so that they don’t get hearing problems at a tender age.

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Most parents make a grave mistake by allowing their children to use adult headphones, which are too wide for their ears. Besides, headphones for adults have a very high volume that may endanger the lives of the little ones. Kids’ headphones should be smaller than even the headphones designed for people with small ears. They should not exceed 13cm in width and 16cm in height.

The headphones designed specifically for kids also come with a headband that will play a vital purpose when making adjustments for proper fitting.

The Durability

Kids’ headphones are made with sturdy materials that ensure durability. Kids are not as careful with their items as adults, and the headphones will have to endure mishandling, dropping, and all the things that can lead to damage.

You won’t manage to put up with replacing your headphones now and then just because they won’t last long enough. Make sure you get durable headphones that can withstand any kind of rough handling.


Headphones made for kids must adhere to the aesthetic appeal in regards to shape and color. Kids are attracted to bright colors, and you should consider buying those annoying shouting colors such as pink, blue, yellow, green, white, etc.

You must satisfy their tastes, and that comes in the form of those fun designs and attractive colors!

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Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Kids

1. Puro Sound Labs PureQuiets

Puro Sound Labs Purequiet is made with limited volume meant explicitly for the sake of your kid’s safety. They come with a volume of 85 dB as the maximum volume, which is recommended to be the best for children. Using these headphones ensures hearing safety regardless of how frequently they’re used.

The product comes with a long-serving battery that goes up 22 hours of playtime. Moreover, it is as well comes with a sturdy USB cable that provides faster and more reliable charging.

To ensure long-lasting performance, this headphone is made with wireless connection technology that connects easily to any of your devices such as tablets, smartphones, and computers. Make your kid’s life fun with these amazing headphones.

Special features

  • Superb battery life
  • 82% Ambient Noise Attenuation
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple colors
  • Volume control
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Very useful when reducing the ambient noise level
  • It has a portability property
  • Durable
  • Uncomfortable fit for kids with large heads

2. ONANOFF BurddyPhones Wave

ONANOFF BurddyPhones Wave

ONANOFF Burddyphones is the best headphone made specifically to favor kids in terms of safety, aesthetics, and design. The headphones come with a total weight of only 5.10 ounces net, so it doesn’t have to be too heavy for the little ones. The lightweight nature of these headphones with their incredible design guarantees perfect comfort so your kids can wear them for the longest time without feeling overwhelmed.

To ensure the headphones will last long and give value for your money they’re made with water and sweat-resistant material. This means even if your careless little ones throw them inside water, they won’t get damaged. Your kids will be sure to love these headphones because they’re available in multiple colors. Take them with you so that they can choose their preferred color.

ONANOFF BurddyPhones Wave is designed with advanced volume-limiting circuitry that provides excellent security for your kids’ hearing. Besides, it is made with sturdy materials that build a lot of confidence for your child to use while playing music or playing games.

Special features

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Superb battery life
  • Waterproof material
  • Comes with a pocket-friendly price
  • Light-weighted with 5.10 ounces
  • It is made of strong and durable materials
  • Often sounds sound light on the bass

3. Egghead Heavy-Duty Kids Headphones

Egghead Heavy-Duty Kids’ Headphones are top-grade products you’ll never regret buying for your little ones. It has an adjustable headband that provides an excellent fit over the child’s head. The headphones are designed with an ear cushion that creates full comfort when in use.

The manufacturer has made these headphones with replaceable and washable noise-reducing earcups perfect for easy maintenance as well as comfort for your little angels. On the aesthetics, the headphones come in multiple colors and an incredible design that will no doubt appeal to your kids.

You don’t have to dig deep inside your pocket if you want these headphones because besides having incredible features and wonderful design, you can still find them at a very affordable price. Besides, the manufacturer offers extended warranty terms that will cover you from any technical hitch.

Special features

  • It has a wired connectivity technology
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Features noise reduction earcups
  • It has a great sound
  • Made with headband for proper fitting
  • Comes with an excellent price deal
  • It has a lightweight headphone
  • It does not connect with newer smartphones

4. OneOdio Wired Gaming Stereo Headsets

OneOdio Wired Gaming Stereo Headsets have all the quality to fit as the best headphones your kids should use. The product is designed with both wired and wireless properties giving you many options to choose from. You can choose the best one among the two depending on your device connectivity.

It is also built with a built-in 500Ah battery life that provides long hours of playtime with a single charge. Moreover, the battery system comes with a USB-C cable that offers you faster and more reliable charging.

On speaker quality, OneOdio Wired Gaming Stereo Headsets has a superb 50mm driver speaker. This provides proper sound balancing and delivers excellent sound bass and clear vocals. The speaker is also well equipped with a deep sound tracer that reduces the background noise while in use.

Special features

  • Has both wired and wireless connectivity
  • Comes with comfortable operation buttons
  • Over-ear headphones
  • Adapter-free-cord
  • It comes with a portable quality ideal for the kids
  • Buy it at an affordable price
  • Made with durable materials
  • Easy to use
  • Excessive use may lead to hearing loss

5. COWIN Headphones

COWIN headphones are the perfect definition of aesthetics coming with multiple colors to choose from. The headphones are lightweight, only weighing 1.92 ounces net, making them easy for kids to use.

Moreover, COWIN headphones are built with a long-serving 800mAh battery that goes for about 30 hours of playtime. The battery comes with a USB charging cable that charges within the shortest time possible.

It is as well designed with upgraded soft ear cushions with 90 swiveling earcups that provide not only a good ear grip but also comfort. The headphones are the best headphone your kids should use while listening to music, playing games, and even playing video games.

Special features

  • Multiple colors
  • Available with microphone
  • Lightweight
  • Deep base
  • It has an active noise cancellation property
  • Quick response Bluetooth connectivity
  • Lightweight ideal for kids
  • Noise-canceling stutters upon the breakage of ear cup seals


Buying headphones for kids is fun because you’re going to come around with aesthetically appealing devices with incredible designs.

But don’t be swayed by the beauty of these devices that you forget to consider other factors such as comfort, durability, affordability, volume controls, and perfect fit.

As you think of what your kid is going to love, also think about their safety and comfort. That said, we’re sure you’re never going to get it wrong if you choose to go with any of the brands mentioned in this review.