5 Best Earbuds for Sleeping Without Disturbances

We all need a quiet and peaceful environment to sleep in. However, not always do we get such a luxury. Imagine being in a noisy place such as a camp. You’ll get all sorts of people with some snoring, others chatting while others listening to their music. You can’t tell them to keep quiet because you want to sleep.

Well, have you imagined that there are sleeping earbuds made specifically for that? Yes! There are earbuds made in such a way that you can use them to block your ears from external noise and listen to your favorite lullaby as you slowly retire to slumberland.

But wait! How do you buy such earphones? What are some features they come with, and what brands are the best? We’re here to answer those questions and help you choose the best earphones that will help you catch your sleep easily without disturbances.

Earbuds for Sleeping: Buying Guide

There is a reason why you’re not just buying any other earbud but going for ones specifically made for sleeping. This means you’re looking for specific features and designs. You must also understand that not all brands that promise quality offer the best.

So, how do you go about purchasing a perfect earbud for sleeping? Here are what to consider.


The first thing to look for when buying earbuds for sleep is their wireless nature. Wireless earbuds are not only classy but offer perfect comfort when sleeping. Imagine how you roll and turn all day. You can’t risk getting entangled with cables that can even end up choking you. Ensure you go for the wireless designs always.

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Battery Life

Now that you’re buying wireless earbuds for sleeping, you can’t go without checking their battery life. Being wireless means your buds will not be connected to the specific device you’re using; hence will depend on their own power to function.

At least consider a device that lasts up to six hours when fully charged. This way, your peaceful night won’t be interrupted by your earbud running out of battery.

Noise Canceling Technology

The sole purpose of buying wireless headphones is to block noise from outside from interrupting your sleep. Thus, you should never forget to check the noise-canceling technology of your ideal devices before buying.

The good news is that most earbuds made for sleeping come equipped with this technology so you won’t have a hard time searching.

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Best Earbuds for Sleeping Reddit

1. Samsung Galaxy Buds

When searching for the best earbuds for sleeping, Samsung Galaxy Buds should be on your top list. Why? Samsung is an established electronics brand, and there is no way you’re going to go wrong with it. So, what does it has to offer?

The device is paired with both IOS and Android compatible Bluetooth connections. This kind of powerful connection makes it ideal for a wide range of devices such as smartphones and tablets. This also means you don’t have to sleep with your phone beside you. The connection signal will detect even the widest range.

Samsung Galaxy Buds for sleeping are made of sturdy waterproof materials protecting them from moisture damage and ensuring longevity. This also prevents any water splash from reaching the inner cushions.

The buds come with noise cancellation technology that prevents background noise from the local environment that may affect your sleep. The wonderful earbuds feature three adjustable wingtips and ear tips that will offer not only good ear grip but also ensure good audio sound so that you enjoy your music uninterrupted.

Special features

  • Carrying case
  • Comes in black color
  • Very lightweight
  • Superb battery life
  • Android and IOS connectivity
  • Available at an affordable price
  • It is wireless hence safe for sleeping
  • It offers faster and more reliable connectivity
  • It has a comfortable fit
  • It has Bluetooth dropouts

2. Bose Quietcomfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

From the name, it’s clear that Boss Quietcomfort 20 is one of the best earbuds for sleeping. You will notice this right from the size, which is small enough and designed for comfortable sleeping. Besides, the product is made with a deep ear cushion on both earbuds that ensure you comfortably listen to music when sleeping regardless of the environmental obstacles.

This earbud comes with a superb battery life that goes up to 24 hours of use. This gives you the confidence and peace of mind you need to listen to your music all night long and even extend the next day. When your battery happens to run out, you can still stay put because the buds come with a charging USB-C cable that offers fast charging.

QuietComfort 20 comes with lightweight material offering the desired flexibility perfect for a sleeping person. Get yourself these fantastic earbuds at very affordable prices and say goodbye to lack of sleep.

Special Features

  • Comes in a warm grey color
  • Microphone-featured
  • Weighs 1.55weight net
  • It has perfect connectivity
  • Made of waterproof materials
  • Long battery life
  • Available at a pocket-friendly price
  • Wired earbuds for sleeping can pose a security threat

3. TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 wireless Earbuds

TOZO T1O 5.0 wireless earbuds here qualify to be the best earbuds worth considering when making your purchase for the best earbuds for sleeping. It features the most advanced Bluetooth technology which supports different devices such as tablets, smartphones, PC, etc.

The product is designed with HI-FI stereo sound quality. The Hi-Fi stereo is well inserted with significant-sized speaker drivers that provide the buds with a powerful bass sound.

Also, TOZO T10 Bluetooth wireless earbuds are made with IPX8 waterproof material that always resists any moisture that can cause damage.

Nevertheless, TOZO T10 Wireless Earbuds have a long-serving battery life that goes beyond 4 hours of use. The buds are accompanied by a charging cable that ensures convenience when charging. If you want to experience how it feels to sleep in a noise-free environment, consider getting these earbuds.

Special Features

  • Made with ear fin
  • IPX7 waterproof material
  • High-sensitive Bluetooth 5.0
  • USB-C charging system
  • Wireless type
  • It comes with a fair price
  • The ear fin provides a good ear grip
  • Made of sturdy, durable materials
  • Very portable
  • Too much use may lead to eardrum damage

4. SleepPhones Life Acousticsheep

These eye-catching earbuds are one of the most comfortable earbuds for sleeping or just relaxing after a busy day. The buds are designed with ultra-thin, flat speakers that ensure proper fit when sleeping. Moreover, they feature modules with built-in volume controls that provide easy volume adjustment when in use. On the aesthetic, the buds come in attractive midnight black – fleece fabric colors that are sure to attract even a color-blind person.

The good thing with SleepPhone life Acousticsheep is that it is made with sturdy materials that not only make it to last for extended periods but also act as water protection. You can freely wipe the outer surface of this earbud with water when cleaning without risking even a single sip inside.

The product comes with one-year warranty coverage protecting you in case of a technical hitch. These are among the many features that make these earbuds an ideal choice if you’re searching for the best products in the market.

Special features

  • Available in black color
  • The very light weight of about 2 ounces net
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection technology
  • Waterproof materials
  • Available at an affordable cost
  • 2 ounces weight net ensures flexibility
  • It has advanced battery power
  • Robust, durable, and sturdy
  • Small-sized can cause discomfort
  • Long-term use may lead to hearing loss

5. Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds

This Anker Soundcore Life p2 True Wireless Earbuds have all the properties to make them one of the best earbuds for sleeping. It comes with an affordable price that favors every individual, regardless of pocket size, without compromising on features or quality.

The product is made with two microphones that balance the background noise. It has CVC 8.0 superior vocal technology ideal for noise suppression. Anker Soundcore Life P2 earbud has a weight of about 2.08 ounces ideal for a sleeping earbud.

When it comes to liquid resistance, this product takes the lead. It is made with durable IPX7 waterproof material. This makes the product safe against any liquid.

Moreover, the product has a superb battery life that works over 40 hours of playing time and a fast charge, so you don’t worry even if you find yourself in a desert with no power.

Special features

  • It comes with a carrying case
  • Superb battery life
  • It features an attractive black color
  • Lightweight at 2.08 ounces net
  • Waterproof casing
  • It has a reliable ultra-stable Bluetooth connection
  • It has an excellent bassUp sound quality
  • Available at a pocket-friendly price
  • Easy to use
  • It has a portable quality
  • Lacklustre sound
  • It has limited in-line controls

Final Word

Finding the best earbuds for sleeping is not a walk in the park. Remember, you have to consider your health, safety, and comfort here. Not all those advertised out there as the best offer perfect quality. I’ll advise you to go for the most trusted manufacturers such as the ones we’ve mentioned above. Don’t forget to do your homework and equip yourself with knowledge of the latest features.

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